Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I know the tepee cards seem to have been around for a long time and while making some
 -just to practice- because I had never made one before, the idea came to mind.
Tepees for Christmas. Yes! Why not, right? I said to myself.

 I started gathering what I needed: cardstock, embossing folder, ink, scoring board and adhesive.

I grabbed some green, red and white cardstock from the Pop Tones collection and cut 3 square pieces at 4 x 4" that I embossed and inked to achieve a distressed look that coordinates a bit with my distressed Christmas Cards.
After I inked them I needed to score them down the middle as shown above. Try your best to align the points but if you don't and when you fold is not even, you can always make adjustments with your scissors.

After scoring, it was time to adhere the three pieces together. I started with the white piece making sure I positioned the green piece just next to the scored line as shown in the left pic. At this point, I also double check if any adjustments were needed and where I was supposed to apply the score-tape. After that, I added the score-tape to the back of the green cardstock and adhered it to the white cardstock. I did the same process for the red piece that was going to be on the left side. In the pics above you can also see how it needs to look before you close it to make the tepee.
(Note how I adhered the score tape. If you add adhesive to the entire edge, you will have exposed adhesive where you do not want it. Make sure you make a pencil mark where you need to add the adhesive). 

This is how you close it: tape the green over the white or vice-versa. It does not matter unless you would like to match the colors or patterned paper if you decide you want to add the later.

I am showing here the 3 different sides after taped them close with more score tape. you do not need score-tape for any of it, you can use liquid glue too but you have to make sure you have a good bond.

I had mentioned I started with 3 pieces of 4 x 4" cardstock. That is the biggest size I cut and the base of the tepee trees. I also cut 3 pieces at 3 x 3" and 3 pieces at 2 x 2" and followed the same steps.
Now, I had three different sizes I could mount on top of each other and give the trees more dimension. 

To the left, you see how it looks after being stacked from the biggest to the smaller and on the second pic you see the tree sizes (4, 3, and 2) and some snow tops I made from 1 square white cardstock. I thought it would great with some imaginary snow. The third pic shows one of the folds.

At the end, I decided to add some bling and I added some tiny ornaments I made using the gold glitter cardstock and a paper punch.

I apologize for the many pics but I thought they were my best bet to show the process. Remember, this was my first time making these tepee cards and I know there are tons of tutorial videos on the web but if you have any questions, feel free to do so in the comments area.
Hope you enjoyed your visit today.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to check out my tepees.
As many paper projects, they have infinite uses and sometimes just changing colors will do.

Have a great week!

Cut Cardstock Supplies Used:
Pop-Tone Discount Card StockScor-Tape for paper crafting

Monday, November 14, 2016


Hello all, today I am showing you how I made this set of Christmas Cards.
So far I've made 6 of them and I still have a few more to go.
I used cardstock from the Basis Collection (red) and Pop Tones (green). The white is a linen cardstock called Solar White and the brown used on the deer is from a Core-dinations pack.

The card bases or frames were cut using the Fancy Frames Cricut cartridge and My World for the Christmas trees. (Please, do not mind the trees to the left, most of the time I choose die cuts I end up not using).  I cut a few bases, embossed the background, did some distressed inking and stamped some snowflakes and stamped a design on the trees.

I wanted some snow banks behind the deer and I found a cute one in the Give a Hoot cart. I spread some Tombow liquid glue with my fingers on the surface (I should have used a cheapy brush) and then covered with Diamond Dust. 
The deer I die cut with a Cottage Cutz die. 

I glued the tree to the background using Tombow again and added some sequins too. I added the snow bank and the deer and then I decided to cut some acetate and use it as windows for some of the cards. The green card above is one of them. To attach the acetate I chose score tape.

 I do not know which one I like the most. I think they both came out very nice.
(This red one has no acetate on the front).
The greeting is from a Joy Clair stamp and its digital die. 

A few more pics.

And, that is all for today. 
I hope you were able to get some ideas for your holiday cards and or decorations.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Cut Cardstock Supplies Used:
Holiday Green Discount Card StockBasis Dark RedClassic Linen Solar White Card StockCore'dinations Premium Safari 12x12 Card Stock Assortment - 20 sheetsMono Multi-Purpose Liquid GlueScor-Tape for paper crafting

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Something to share:
I had bought a Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor set and some Teton 4x6 flat cards from Cut Cardstock. I had them for a while now and played with the watercolors and had used the Teton for die cuts already but the other day I was thinking how much I really liked the texture of the later and it was a thick cardstock and wondered if it could work for watercolor paints.
Well, you can see the results in the above pic...Awesome match!
I did use a brush that didn't hold much water and mixed a tiny bit of paint on my craft mat and voila...I did glaze 3-4 times over the sunflowers which by the way is an old stamp of mine and the cardstock did buckle a bit but you can put it in between books or something heavy to flatten it. The diagnose is it took the water beautifully and the watercolor paint so well. I thought you might want to know especially since the Teton is so very reasonable priced right now. This is my personal opinion I thought to share with you, if interested. I haven't tried it with markers yet but I might do so when time permits.

Here are a few more pics:
I used Memento ink because it is waterproof and it dries very fast.

I started with a very watery brown wash and bits by bits added some scarlet red and then some mid yellow. The centers were colored with mid green. The blue background was also a mix: blue and cobalt blue.

You can still see the beautiful texture of the Teton, better in real life.

I added the pics below for your convenience.

Hope you are happy you read my post, lol

Take care,

Monday, October 17, 2016


Hi all, hoping you 'Enjoy' today's post and help your creative side with some gift container/package ideas for the upcoming holiday seasons. I created these cookie holders for Thanksgiving but as we already know, they can be used for any event, from birthdays to weddings and more.

I used die cuts for all the needed parts but you can also find many templates online if you need to. My next step was to emboss the front of the container, fold the scored lines and add some strong adhesive like score tape to the sides, where I needed to form the container.

I also used some of this amazing product from Kuretake Gansai Tambi called 'Starry Colors' on the 'Enjoy' word and leaves. This product is like perfect pearls but much better. You just need a bit of water to activate and see the magic move in front of your eyes: like melting gold. You will be enchanted on how beautifully is. The set has 6 different dreamy pigments and they will all amaze you.

After I applied the red gold pigment, which dries almost immediately, I grouped my leaves in set of threes, added a bit of Tombow liquid glue to adhere and layer them to the top right side of the container and finally I put my super cute red foxes together and added them to that cluster of leaves.

I had baked some peanut butter cookies to give to some very caring team of health professionals who I have been admiring lately and these handmade treat containers will add a touch of love and caring of my to my 'Thank You' treats.

All cardstock used comes from the beautiful collection "Flavors Gourmet' from Cut Cardstock and I find it to be an excellent cardstock to work with. The colors I used are: Caramelized  Mustard, Lemongrass, Moroccan Cocoa, Rubbed Sage and Tangelo.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Cut Cardstock Supplies Used: for paper craftingMono Multi-Purpose Liquid GlueGansai Tambi starry colors

Monday, October 3, 2016


Hello all, Agnes' here to share with you how I made this beautiful Autumn DIY Sunflower.

You can find the sunflower petals in the Flower Shoppe Cricut cart and on the Cricut Access Library: M43F8C and M472BF .
I used two different sizes: 3" and 1-3/4". I cut 3 of each size.
The leaves (M3AE6B) are from the Don Juan cart and I sized them at 1/2".

To the above left, you can see the two different sizes, the leaves, and the finished sunflower.
The yellow cardstock is Carmelized Mustard, the green cardstock (green leaf) is Lemongrass and the brownish-green is Rubbed Sage. You can find them at Cut Cardstock.
I love these colors. They are perfect for the brisk weather of Autumn because they make you feel all warm and cozy on the inside. :)

I used brown ink to add dimension to the die cut edges and I used a balled stylus to shape the petals and leaves. The center of the sunflower was made punching out a few circles glued on top of each other to make them pop off the center and the texture was made with Fluffy Paint I have in my stash of supplies.
I then layered three 3" petals and three 1-3/4" making sure I offset the petals for a more fuller flower. I used liquid glue to be able to reposition if I needed to.

I  decided to make a Home Decor frame to showcase the sunflower. I looked through my stash again and found this thick bare chipboard frame I had bought a few years back at a local craft store. 

I cut two pieces of this brown color cardstock called Moroccan Cocoa and embossed one piece with an embossing folder, then attached the embossed one to the front and the other I used for the backing. I used score tape for this step.

I cut some thin strips of Gold Glitter cardstock ( I am in love with this cs too, lol) and outlined the frame with them.

To finish it off I die cut the word 'friend" with a thin die and added it next to the sunflower using trusty Mr. Tombow liquid glue again.

This is one view of the finished and framed sunflower.

I am planning to give it to my SIL along with a Sweet Potato side dish I am making for our Thanksgiving dinner get together.

There are many uses for these gorgeous sunflowers, especially for DIY gifts of this lovely season.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Cut Cardstock Supplies Used:

Carmelized Mustard Card StockLemongrass Card StockMoroccan Cocoa Card StockRubbed Sage Card StockGold Glitter Card StockScor-Tape for paper crafting

Mono Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue