Friday, August 19, 2016


Hello All,
This is Agnes welcoming you to another Cut Cardstock blogpost. Today I am sharing with you what I think it turned out a great card.This card came to mind after talking to a dear friend of mine who is a school teacher and because I know she does a wonderful job with her students I wanted her to know how much she is truly appreciated.

I used the Esse 100lbs black textured cardstock from Cut Cardstock for this card.
I used it for the card's base, I also used it for some of the embellishment shadows and for my greeting. The patterned paper is from Pink Paisley: Memorandum and Atlas and you also can find them at the Cut Cardstock store.

I fuzzy cut the clipboards from the Memorandum patterned paper, die cut the shadows using my die cutter (Cricut Explore) and adhered them to the front of the card. I then punched out some circles using a paper punch, die cut some stars and the letters a, b and c using some thin dies and layered them on top of the clipboard as shown in pics.
I then used another thin die and cut the Hello and glued on top.
I also added some smaller stars to the front and to the inside.

I loved how this Esse cardstock performs. Despite is a 100 lbs. cardstock I had no problems using my thin dies to cut some of the embellishments. I also didn't have any problems cutting the chipboards shadows when I used my die cutter and you can see how small those tiny cuts are.

Here is a close up of the greeting.

And here is the completed card with a peek at the inside.
I know my friend will be thrilled and I know she will frame it to display it in her classroom.
I hope you like it too.

As always, we appreciate your visit.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Note: The school is an image from the My World Cricut Library and was cut at 2-1/4" tall and the clipboards from Sportsmania.

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Cut Cardstock Supplies used:
Heavy black discount card stock
Memorandum Print 6x6 card stock
Pink Paislee Atlas 6x6 paper pad
Mono Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue3-D Foam sticker adhesives
scrapbook glue

Friday, August 5, 2016


Hello all, Agnes is here sharing a super versatile storage box: a Locker Shape Pencil Case. It is an SVG file from a digital store. After uploading it to the Cricut Design Space, I duplicated it three times and re-size them to the following sizes: 10.75", 8.75 and 6.75".
It is a Locker shape box that serves as a pencil case or to store any other kind of goodies. Since school days are near, I thought this would come in handy. You could even use it as a gift box.

I chose this Esse cardstock for my base because it is a thick cardstock (100lbs) perfect for when you need a good sturdy base or cover for any project.

To the left, you see all parts ready to be cut.
I also used the Locker Talk Cartridge for the embellishments. I also used a Cricut marker (black ink medium tip) to write the words instead cutting them.
To the right, you see the first cut I made: the pencil case front.
This SVG cuts dotted lines for scoring purposes but you can change the settings to score but because this is a thick cardstock it is more convenient and easy to score if you let it make the dotted lines.

Sorry about some of this blurriness, I didn't realize until now and it was too late to start over. Please, accept my apologies. 
The first pic shows the Explore writing the words prior to cut them, the second pic shows all the cut parts and the third shows a close up of the words. I decided to fill them in with ink and used the same Cricut marker I used to write.
The colored cardstock is a mix of Pop tones and Basis. You can find these cardstock collections at the Cut Cardstock store.
Again, from left to right: folding along the dotted lines on the pencil box and to the right shows how well the explore writes. I did manipulate the size and shape of the High School sign to fit my locker front. I mounted the embellishments on foam tape square for dimension.
The tab at the right is used to open and close the lid.

 A few more pics showing some pencils and markers inside the pencil cases.

And more pics...I want you to check the texture of this Esse cardstock. It is beautiful. I am in love with it. I also want you to take notice of how the pencil box top goes in the bottom part instead going over it like a common box will close. I think that detail is very nice.

I hope you enjoy today's project. I think is a darling and very useful.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I wish you have a great weekend.

Cardstock Products used:

Heavy black discount card stock  3-D Foam sticker adhesivesMono Multi-Purpose Liquid GlueBASIS Colors - CREATE YOUR OWN  Assortment Pack Pop-Tone Discount Card Stock

Friday, July 22, 2016

THEY WILL BE TREATED- a set of mini favor boxes for the kids and not

Hello all, 
As I slowly continue to get my family get together tasks done I finally get to share with you the treat boxes I decided to make for the kids to take home afterwards.
I still have to buy the favors but I couldn't wait to share the boxes. They are turning out fabulous if you ask me and I am so happy I used the Gold Glitter cardstock again and was able to try the awesome silver Bright Foil too. They are giving my boxes such an elegant and glamorous touch it's almost a sin giving them to the kids, lol.
They both cut perfectly, I have to add. The phrases and stars were cut very small and I had no problems with either one. The rest of the colored cardstocks I used are a mix of Basis and Pop Tones, also from Cut Cardstock.

I used the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 2 Cricut cartridge and cut the boxes at 7-3/4" wide and after assembled, they come out to be around 2" squared by 1-1/4" tall, not counting the small handle. Perfect for some small treats for them.
You can also find these boxes in the Cricut Access Digital Library, M3C751 is the ID#. The embellishments are from Life's a Party (out of this world, shooting star) and the Party word is from Cricut Font and Basic Shapes.
The first pic to the left is the Cricut Design Space virtual mat showing the box flat prior to cutting and you will notice how easy they will be to score and assemble. The second pic shows a mark where you need to add the adhesive and the third pic shows after the flap is closed. You can also see the pretty fold it makes on one side of the box.
(The blue permanent runner adhesive tape works very well and the store carries the green version).

A few pics to show some of the embellishments: the out of this World was cut at .81" in high, yeap, that small and look how nice it looks, the Party word was cut at .53" tall, wow! and the shooting star at 1.15".

I also cut the boxes in the gold glitter cardstock and the silver (Bright Foil) cardstock. Did I mention how nice these cut in the cricut? The glitter one I had used in my last project and I knew already how it cuts but not the silver one. Well, it is as great as the glitter one. Loove them both and you will too. The Bright Foil is almost like stainless steel. Awesome finish!
They are both on sale this week, if interested.

This is the end of my monthly projects for Cut Cardstock.
I hope you enjoyed my mini series. You can check part one here (masks).
If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact any of us.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you next month.

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Note: My apologies for such an almost non-existent tutorial, but life has been a bit hectic at home lately. 

Cut Cardstock Supplies used:
Pop-Tone Discount Card StockGold Glitter Card StockBRIGHT FOIL SILVER

BASIS paper 8.5 x 11 scrapbook glueMono Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


This month's theme at Cut Cardstock is Summer Entertainment.

At home, we like getting together with family, friends and neighbors. We also like going to carnivals and festivals. Sometimes we just like to sit down, relax and be lazy, watch a movie or play board games, especially when the temperature rises. And all that is good too, right?

This year we have a few young children coming over for a family get together and I think  they will have lots of fun with these masks. I am hoping it will keep them busy for a while along with some planned games. I am also making some treat boxes for them to take back home. Those I will show on my next post. What you see here is just the beginning of it all. 

I found the masks in a Cricut cartridge called Life's a Party.
I die cut all parts and embossed the first layer of each mask with a Fiskars plate, as seen in the top right photo. I die cut the stars and doilies from the gold glitter cardstock that is on sale this month at the Cut Cardstock store. The glitter does not come off, love it! and it has a lovely gold color. The color cardstock is from the Basis Collection, 80# cardstock and the colors are so very pretty.

 I will go around the Merry go Round for the steps...
Starting clockwise from the top left pic: I adhered all die cut layers of each mask, the arrow goes through the slit and then I secure it so it with a bit of glue so it does not keep coming off. I then made a pencil mark where I will be making a hole with the hole punch. I then use a cropadile to attach an eyelet and the ribbon that will go around the kid's head....what a mouth full that was, lol. You can use elastic too.

And here they are...I think they look fabulous and the kids will have a blast getting masked.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write them in the comments area.

I want to thank you so much for stopping by.

Cut Cardstock Supplies used:

            Basis Assortment pack Gold Glitter Card Stock Mono Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Hello all,
Agnes' here with some 
 paper nesting dolls from the Paisley Cricut Cartridge to share with you.

-Matryoshka dolls are originally from Russia and are also known as babushka or grandma's, as we would call it in the states. The first Matryoshka doll was made in 1890-

I used these dolls on note cards but think about the possibilities here: from paper dolls games to room decor, to banners and more.
How about a Matrioshka birthday party theme?
They are super easy and fun to put together.

I used the Pop Tones cardstock from Cut Cardstock with its beautiful and bright colors were perfect for these dolls. 
I set the Cricut Explore to the cardstock setting and cut the notecards base at 4". The dolls were cut at 2-3/4" tall. I also cut some squares to use them as frames for the inside. I cut those at 3 x 3-1/2" and 2-3/4 x 3-1/4". 
(In this pic you see white squares with some words written on them; I ended up not using them but they were written using the Cricut Explore).

After assembling the dolls, I closed the notecard flap with the open shape and used that shape to position the dolls to the inside and glued them using some Tombo liquid glue.
I then stamped some clear stamps sentiments instead using the white cards I had previously made.
A girl can change her mind as many times as she wants to, right? 

See the opening on the first pic? that is the flap you bring over to help position the dolls. The sentiments read: Long time no see you, Thinking of you and Happy Hello. 

The Pop Tones colors used are Blue Raspberry, Wild Cherry, Tangy Orange, Gumdrop Green, Lemon Drop, Razzleberry and Grape Jelly....I say it again: these colors make me crave for frozen pops, lol.

Hope you like the Matryoshka dolls and the many ideas they can be used.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Cut Cardstock Products Used:

PopTone Card StockMono Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue