A Bit About Me

hello you....i thought you might want to know a bit about me.

 first i will tell you i started this hobby while recuperating from an open heart surgery in 2007. i also made a few layouts at the time and eventually developed an overall passion for the paper crafts.

my first die cutter was a sizzix and one day, while purchasing supplies, i was introduced to the original cricut by another customer in the same aisle. i remember saying to the person next to me that for $80 (the price of the cartridges at the time) i could by groceries for a week, hehe. but after a while and after researching a bit about cricut, i asked for one as gift. i still watch it cut in awe, :P. lovely machine indeed. now i rather not eat, lol.

 i am also a very forgetful individual and i mean very, very forgetful, :-).

in my personal life i will say i am a married woman and i have been blessed with the gift of motherhood. i am a mother of an awesome kid who like the expression, never stops to amaze me, hehe.

I was born and raised in the beautiful island of puerto rico and i have been living in the united states for most of my adult life. therefore, my first language is spanish and even i speak and write english well,  i am still not proficient about it. this is why you will find lots of grammar mistakes in my posts. :P

i consider myself an open minded individual with a love for changes, a love of learning something new everyday and born with what they call a "free spirit" and,  in love with nature. nature to me is a daily discovery of my everyday journey.

i also like sewing and own four sewing machines. i haven't sew much since these paper crafting days but i have sewing classes under my belt and believe it or not still remember some, hehe. i am also a goof who detest holding grudges--- life is too short for that. i am honest, frank and to the point in real life. but i have also learn when to be mute--wink-wink.

flowerdiscosscraphut was  est. 9.25.09     and is my outlet to share what i have learned and share what i have made. you are welcome to use my work as a source of inspiration but if you just copy and claim it as yours, i will have to pity you. :P ----
i normally give credit when credit is due unless i thought of it myself, despite even a million people already tried it. sometimes we think we are discovering something new but,  is it anything new under the sun? i do not know. somewhere, somebody already thought about it. hehe.

i will be glad to be your mentor and help you out as much as i can. i am email friendly and you if you need any advice, please do so:
flowerdiscosscraphut at gmail dot com

i read the following on the internet a while ago and it has made my journey in this life a lot easier:
-----"I can't control the audience. it is not about them as much as it is about what moves me..."-----
---by clayton sotos 
(photographer/visual innovator)---
since i read this, i try to live by it as much as i can.

thanks for taking the time to read a bit about me!