Monday, November 23, 2009


I will take pics this week but for now I just wanted to say Lulu is finally home. A bit scared but very loving. She already marked some of the territory (grrr), hasn't eaten nothing  but a dental bone I gave her this afternoon. We are a bit sad because they informed us today she has the beginning of lyme disease. The vet believes with the proper medication for a bit she will be fine. Let's see!
This is all for now since I am exhausted from Lulu's big day.


  1. So glad she is home! When we adopted my dog last year and we brought her home she didn't eat for FOUR yes, four days. They told me not to worry, she'll eat if she gets hungry enough, and she did and is happy and healthy now :-)

    Sometimes it takes them awhile to get settled in to being in a new place. So glad she is home with you, enjoy your bonding time with her :-)

  2. Thank You!

    Bonding... this is what we have been doing :), and she is such a lovely dog. She seems to obey for most part but... Lulu has awful breath :):):) and snores a lot too, lol. I think she still has a bit of the kennel cough too.

    I will be taking her to the vet tomorrow for a good check-up and meds.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Have a fun day!!!