Saturday, December 5, 2009


I won something at the
My Pink Stamper Blog

Here is the copy and paste of the giveaway:

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Lots of Winners!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

I have a lot of winners to announce today! I still have not yet posted the winners for the 3 packs of Couture Cardstock or my DVD. They are also on this list. Here we go......


Couture Cardstock Assortment Pack of your choice (3 winners)

#47 - " flowerdisco said...

I will be getting the seasonal carts for my b-day, I actually received them already but they won't give them to me yet :-(
I certainly will be deco my house with the snowflakes too, and if I do not win I will try to find some kind of cs like that in the local stores because... they look gorgeous.
I did like how it cut too :-)"


  1. congrats i just got my pink stamper email and saw your name, i was coming over to give you the news! you knew exciting to win something!

  2. Congrats! I saw your name on her site.

  3. Thank You ladies, Thank You so much :)

  4. When I saw your name posted as a winner on the Pink Stamper's blog I said (outloud) "Hey I know who that is!" My kids said who mom? It was followed by a long explanation and they both looked like OK whatever by the time I was done. I thought it was kinda funny, that's why I left this comment :)

  5. Kristina, you made me laugh. I do that with my son and husband and by the time I finish telling they are like- "whatever"- too :)


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