Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My dear husband who never surprises me with anything came home last night with 
an outfit for our spoiled brat pug Lulu :) 
Imagine that, Lulu gets everything and I have to beg for a cart :(
Here is the beautiful outfit and notice the brand and the pink heart on the right.
He said he couldn't resist.

Is it a coincidence or does Lulu owns a successful business and we did not know?


  1. so lulu, why the secrecy about your biz? your owner is working like a dog to keep you in clothes this seaon (remember the sweater?)!!! please post a pic for us to admire!

  2. I'm LOL!!! Lulu is going to look soo-sooooo adorable in that!!! It is just too cute! Now I'm going to have to make my little Buster one with a hood! TFS! That's way too cute! You'll have to put a pic of Lulu out here with that one so we can "ooohh and aaahhh" over her!

    But, now the hubby needs you get you some carts -- show you some love too!!! And you can tell I said so. LOL!

  3. OMG!!! That is too funny!!! I know he couldn't is just tooo too cute!! Perfect for LuLu!! Love your cards!! So glad you got some more carts, they are just soooo addicting!!! I can't resist!!

  4. OMG, couldn't be cuter, and that DH bought it for her...priceless! xxD

  5. That is so cute!!! and even cuter that your dh picked it out for her. lol! What a sweetie!!! You need to post a picture of her wearing it, I bet it's adorable!!! :-)

  6. Lulu is absolutely adorable. I love that your DH bought the outfit for her. BTW no fair using the MS crown punch, I'm already pining for it lol.


Have a fun day!!!