Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello friends!

Just a quick note here to explain how I posted the Sunshine Award onto my blog page.
 In no way my way is better or easier or faster. I just got lucky last night and I managed to do it.

I right-clicked the award pic and clicked on Save Image As. I saved the image in my pictures folder. I went to blogger and started a New post, I wrote what I wanted to say and then clicked on the Insert Image and looked for the award and posted it. (You just did what you normally do to post a picture on blog).
THEN, I wanted to add it to my gadgets on the right side of the page. So, I went to customize, clicked on Add Gadget, clicked where it says Pictures, clicked on Browse and chose the award picture and clicked on Save
I hope this help you guys to show off your Sunshine Award.

Hugs to all!

NOTE: If you still have questions, please comment on this post and I will keep 
checking it through out the day.

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