Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hoping everyone is having a great day today

 Lisa and I are presenting the Branch Card today. 
It is #26 in our ongoing series and you can find it on page #57 of the cartridge handbook.

My Branch Card
5 inches 
 This card, once again gave me a bit of trouble and I do not know if is because I am not feeling well or that I had enough of the Wild Cards already, lol.

I picked the hot pink cardstock from some stack I have had for a while, then I picked the yellow one from my scraps and chose an orange cardstock from one of the Value Packs, as I call them.  This Value Pack one was from Hobby Lobby. After gluing it I did not like the orange on the branch , grrr!!! then it was the search for another color, lol. I ended up using the same pink one I used for the base and the greenish another of my scraps... from the one I used to make the words in the "All in One" (money holder). As you can see, I did some white faux stitch and inking. Then... I wasn't happy with the stitch on the pink so I added some yellow and white ribbon to cover some of the stitching on that side, lol. 
My Lulu.wanted attention again...(that spoiled brat all she wants to do is play, lol). She comes to the craft room and starts barking and scratching on the chair I am sitting until I pick her up and how in the world I can concentrate and make cards with her on my lap???? You tell me. But....I love her so much, she makes me very happy and she is so funny. I can't just resist, so I do give her some attention but that makes the process of making cards a bit longer than normal, lol. Oh well! Whatever it takes, right?
I won't bore you any longer but I do hope you enjoyed another card on the 
Wild Card with Lisa project/

Lisa's Branch Card
 I like Lisa's card colors. I also like how she embossed the branch and did you see that stem?
Please, go and check out her BLOG if you have time to see how she made this cutie.

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  1. Oh that is so pretty. I'd never though of using that card shape till now! I love the colors you chose. I also like your little stories, they aren't boring :) Lisa's card is also very pretty.I think the embossing on her leaves is a fabulous idea.

  2. Pretty card...I love the colors :)..Lisa's card is pretty as the embossing :)

  3. I sure love seeing the two takes on the same cut! How different they look with the change of colors. Both are really great! Enbossing adds alot on each of them! Goliath always jumps up on my lap when I'm on the computer and bites my hands or elbow when I'm trying to type. We sure spoil our babies don't we? xxD

  4. I love the different views you both take on the cards! And that envelope is great.

  5. These came out great and I love the bright colors you choose!

  6. I just love this series you're doing. You've got a great color choices. I really never use this cartridge, but you make it look so much fun, I'm going to have to give it a whirl!

    PS You asked about an embossing folder.. I looked it up.. I believe it's Sizzix Bubbles from the Summer set.

  7. my internet server went off line just as i hit the publish button! i'm posting again...awe! your fur baby, lulu deserves attention, as you see how quickly your son has grown and needed attention so does lulu although she seems to be growing out (no more cookies, lol!!)

    the card the bright colours and the embossing (do i see embossing on the envelope flap?!) your welcome on your award, you are a sweet blogger, i remember i commented to your blog about a gift card you had designed in cds but i did not understand so you made a post with a diagram just for me!!!! i'm getting teary again! now that is sweet!

  8. Love the colors you used on your card and I really like the branches. Very pretty, TFS.

  9. These are both fabulous!!! Love the bright colors and also the embossing!!!

  10. My friend, those cards are gorgeous!!!

    Poor little Lulu, Buster knows just how she feels. He, too, barks and trys to jump in my lap when I'm at the computer or working at my desk. Sometimes I really feel so sorry because I do spend so much time crafting.

    I hope you feel better!!!

  11. Great cards!

  12. I gotta say Im never disappointed, love your color schemes always!!! Great way to turn this card around =D

  13. I so love this card, the colors are awesome, nice job!

  14. Beautiful cards! I love the embossing on both the cards : ).

  15. I love all you branch cards. Too Cute!


Have a fun day!!!