Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Happy Tuesday to all

 We are presenting today our take on the 
Hello Card, #27 in our project. 
You can find this card on page #58 of the Wild Card booklet

I made two completely different cards for this #27 and I decided to post this one. Do not be alarmed about the darker colors used here. I still love my bright side, lol

My Hello Card
5 inches
Ok...how do you like it? I used three layers, yes...you heard right, lol for the top of the card. I bent the phone cord a bit as you can see to give it more of a realistic look. I MESSED UP the envelope so I cut the top part and used my rounded Fiskars paper punch and punched a half circle. Everything was inked and for first time I used a thin bristled brush I had like forever and inked every little cranny on the card, lol. Loved it! I will take a pic of this brush later on and edit this post to show it because if you like to ink like me, you are going to want one too. This brush worked perfect for me, lol.

Ok...I have to get to Lisa's card here and stop talking :)

Lisa's Hello Card
Hehehe...almost the same colors.
You have to believe me when I say we do not plan these cards ahead. We do not get to see them until they are uploaded on PB ready for posting. It is a mere coincidence.
Love her take on the phone and the orange I love right there on that beautiful flower.

Well...we hope you enjoyed one more Wild Card with Lisa
To check Lisa's blog click HERE

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to add the Bristle Brush I used:
 The brush has written on gold:


Please, do not ask me where I got it because I have this brush forever
and you know brain do not work too good lately :)


  1. Wow! That is fantastic!

  2. Great job. Looking forward to seeing that brush..the tight spots always get me ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. The cards look great...I need to try that cut soon..tfs!

  4. I love this card..the colors are great!!! Both cards are great I like Lisa's envie too cute :)

  5. Fantastic card. I am really trying on my card making to add a more detail, design and dimension to them.... Someday mine may look as good as yours! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Wow, girlfriend!!! That card is fabulous!!!

  7. i'm laughing to myself as i made this card for my son's girlfriend last week and did it in a purple polka dot paper with a green gem! both the cards are well put together and i love the sense of texture and dimension!

  8. This is just the cutest card!!! Love that big bling in the center of the dial, and the cord is fantastic!!!!
    I have something for you over on my blog if you would like to come and get it!!!! Have a wonderful evening!!!! Hugs!!!

  9. Love this card...I love the wild card cartridge. Hmmm challenges sound fun!

  10. Love this card...I love the wild card cartridge. Hmmm challenges sound fun!

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  12. Great card Agnes! The darker colors make it look VERY vintage. Love it! xxD

  13. Love this phone card. I really like the papers you used as well.


Have a fun day!!!