Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello to All on this beautiful morning!!!!

Today Lisa and I have the Thinking Card, #23 in our project and from page 54.
It is very similar to the the Thanks card we did this past Thursday. 

My Thinking Card
4-1/2 inches 
 The clear stamp I used is an Autumn Leaves old, very old stamp 
I had and never used. The cardstock is from Debbie Mum. 
The envelope was made using construction paper again.

Lisa's Thinking Card 
 I hope you enjoyed the cards for today.
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  1. Wonderful cards! You both used such pretty papers.

    The stamp is another example of why you should hang on to things you like, even if you haven't used them before : ).

  2. Again two really great/ really different cards.
    Congrats on the Sentimentals win! Things are looking up for you :) From big hole in your ceiling to free cartridge. I hope the good fortune keeps coming.
    BTW the Robotz cartridge still isn't in stock at my Meijer, but when it is the regular price on it is $59.99!! I bet you can find it somewhere else a whole lot cheaper.

  3. Beautiful Cards! I really want to get Wild Card, but need an Expression still--soon, I hope!

  4. Love how you guys come up with such different cards. Also that you're really EXPLORING your carts. I SO need to do that. These are lovely! xxD

  5. I love the bright colors you chose!


  6. I love what you're doing with these Wild Card Cards. Very original takes on them. Love your color choices


Have a fun day!!!