Tuesday, March 2, 2010


You have no idea how far behind I am with the Wild Card with Lisa project. I just made this one yesterday and took the photos this morning and I have no card for Thursday yet.
One thing I forgot to mention on my "7 THINGS ABOUT ME" is that if I have chores to do and errands to run or I feel the house needs to be freshen-up I can't scrap. I have to to get things in order first so I have a clean status of mind to concentrate and do my hobbies.
Are you like me?
Anyway, I am here after doing laundry, freshen-up the house and made some phone calls. My contractor is coming today and I will know how much my clumsiness/damage is going to cost. :P

Today I will present my Wave Card...Oh, No!!! I will be back in a minute. Lulu's tummy not feeling good.
I gave her one of her snacks and for some reason didn't agree with her today.
Oh My!

Ok, back to the Wave Card #19 and from page 50 of the handbook. I enjoyed making this card. I went out of my boundaries and you will notice the colors are not my normal bright colors. It's a change of view thanks to Lisa. She used similar colors in one of her projects and I found some paper with look alike colors in my stash of K&Co and decided to give it a try. I hope you like it.

My Wave Card
6 inches

The flowers are  Prima flowers that I inked with some green to match the colors I was using. I then layered it and use a tiny red flower and a rhinestone in the center.

I made a slit on this side to insert a bit of the left flap here because it wouldn't stay close. 
It worked perfect. I just marked it with a pencil and cut it with my X-acto knife.

This is the inside, a phrase from the Wave card and if you notice I like to use my Cricut markers with the phrases a lot. In my opinion, they more definition and you can read them better.

Above you see the envelope and another close-up of the flower.
Did you know sometimes I used construction paper for the envelopes?
This envelope is one of them. I set my blade and pressure to 3 and it cuts like butter too.
I have been using my G for all my cards and I have  a lot of them designed already but still have to cut them.

Now, we go to
Lisa's Wave Card
 I almost use the thick wave Lisa did on hers and you will see I used a flower too. You have to believe in the saying: "Great minds think alike" because I did not see Lisa's card until this morning when I went to Photobucket and Lisa did not see mine because I just posted mine. LOL.  
ETA: I just read Lisa's input on the Wave card and we differ some...
lol...me talking about great minds think alike...LOL.
You can click HERE to go to Lisa's blog.
I will be back a bit later.
I hope you enjoy them.


  1. I love your wave card. The color combination is beautiful!

  2. Both you an Lisa's cards are so pretty..I love both your paper choices :) I know what ya mean about getting stuff done..I just wish when I didn't have anything to get done I could get in my little craft area and make cards. I got them two new carts so I am head in there today to play :)


  3. I am exactly like you...I feel like I can't scrap unless everything else is in order! lol...these cards are great, and I love the idea of using the cricut markers for the letters..I will have to try that!

  4. What beautiful cards! The flowers are lovely, great minds do think alike. TFS : )

  5. was just checking back to see what the damages were for your mishap and that you did not suffer any physical injuries that sometimes you feel the next day like strained muscles or bruising.
    i do know what you mean about everything needs to be done before i can be creative! that's why i generally post projects on weekends because i have a long work day, with commute over 11 hours! still have to visit my studio each night just to look and touch things even if i know there is no time to create! i love washing machines and dishwashers because i can have both running and feel like something is being accomplished even if i am just sitting relaxing, lol!
    are you giving lulu too many treats, i know how spoiled she is?
    the card is nice but i love the bright colours! i know, we havw to stretch ourselves and do somethings outside our comfort zone!

  6. after jabbering on and on, i forgot to say how much i love the circut marker idea, have yet to try it!


Have a fun day!!!