Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hello everyone!

As I said on my post yesterday, today is  
Wild Card with Lisa.

We are showcasing today the 
Wow! card
This card is #29 in our series and you can find it on page #60 of the cartridge booklet.

I had some notes on the Wild Card sizes and the envelope came out a bit bigger than the card. When making this card again, I will use the same size as the card for the proper fit envelope.

My Wow! Card
3.96 inches
I used three cartridges to make this Wild Card, lol. 

I used Wild Card of course :) for the card base, the exclamation point, the "you did it", the envelope and the envelope insert. Did you notice what a beautiful closure this envelope has?I really like that detail.
Then I used Graphically Speaking for the inside phrase: Who Cares? ( to crack a smile with the sentiment). And finally I used Winter Woodland for the two ovals where the "You did it" phrase sits on, lol. I used those ovals a lot don't I? I guess I really like them, but next time I promise I will use some other shape, lol.
I cut this card at 3.96 inches high and the envelope at 4.92 inches high and like I mentioned before, this size is too big for the card and I will make all the same size next time.
 Everything else is cut accordingly. No bling, no inks, no faux stitches...just a plain card. I had to fight myself to just make it this way because I love bling and inks, lol, but this time this is what I had in mind :) I hope you like it and it inspires you in some way.

Lisa's Wow! Card
If you want to know a bit of Lisa's Card story, 
please check out her BLOG

Thanks again for stopping by and for all the love you give me.



  1. Great card! The sentiment almost caused me to choke cuz I was laughing so hard though lol.

  2. Love your cards...hahaha

  3. Love the inside! I really want to get this cartridge--I just love what you both have done with it.

  4. Really cute...I have not done this one...I agree that the envelope is great!

    Also, a belated CONGRATS on your My Pink Designer Spot!


  5. Love it!! Actually love both of 'em!! Agnes, your card is a hoot!!!! XXX

  6. Love both cards!!! And, I really like the spin on the closure for that envie. Don't know what I'm going to do with you girlfriend, you going above and beyond!!! Actually, I love it in you!!!

  7. Hilarious! You are just too funny! Great cards! xxD

  8. love the sentiment! just in case someone gets too full of themselves!!! lol! i love the idea of taking the "card" and putting it on another one. love too come and be inspired, i might be able to use this idea for a coworker!


Have a fun day!!!