Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hello everyone, and welcome to Showcase $#9. 
This week is my turn at Audrey's
I have set a theme project for you that I hope you will all enjoy doing.  Using any color or medium you'd like, I would like for you to make a card which will include three (3) basic materials:  a stamp of your choice, a ribbon and a charm.  You can design the card however you like and use any other materials you'd like as long as the card has these 3 items.
Here is my sample theme project for you using the above mentioned 3 items:
 I used the stamp for the background, added the ribbon and a charm.
I know everyone is real busy and I wanted to make something simple but you can take it wherever you want.
Have fun!


  1. Love the simplicity of this card. TFS


  2. I will work on a card here soon for this..I might have to make a charm since I don't have any :(..But I will figure something out. :)

    I am doing well..just got back we went home for a day, I am really tired..but I had a good time. I hope you & your family are having a great memorial day.

    Hugs, Sheena

  3. I posted your card on my blog to promote the showcase, and one of my followers left you some blog love!!

  4. What a great card, Agnes! Love the stamp and black and white is so perfect for graduation! xxD.

  5. I so love this card, it's so elegant!!


Have a fun day!!!