Wednesday, May 26, 2010


You my friends are the best, you are so gracious with all your encouraging words and knowing you are there for me no matter what it make my days.
I thank You from the bottom of my heart.

  My son will be leaving for NYC this Friday. The school chorus were invited to perform in the AliceTully Hall on Sunday. Now, that is another major accomplishment. Our school has so many opportunities for our kids to get involved and participate and my son takes advantage of anything musical/academic. Music is my son's passion.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to this group of singers for making it to the
BIG APPLE for another great performance.

Anyway...I did not have time to go to the Gym yesterday because neglected things needed to be taken care of. (Did I mention I got a gym membership to try loose these extra pounds I put in after my open heart surgery, when I stopped being a chimney, lol)

Well...I had a bit of extra time and I made this cute card for you guys.

 This is a 5 by 7 inches card.
The steaks....oops, I mean the cows, lol... are from the Animal Kingdom cartridge and
 were cut at 4 and 2.75 inches. The smaller one was mounted on pop-dots.
 The sentiment "Have a moo-velous day!" is from Robyn...My Pink Stamper who you all know I design for You must know by now that most of the time I used American Crafts textured cardstock  I want you to notice the kind of clear/crisp these type of high quality photo-polymer stamps are giving me
even on a textured surface.
The butterfly and glitter flowers are from a K&CO pack from my stash
and I used stickles for the eyes.
The background with the clouds is a cardstock from Debbie Mum
and the green area is from DCWV, the Songird collection.
----- more thing I used was one survivor from the Sakura Glaze pens I bought a while ago (most of them dried out on me, I will never buy them in packs like that)...the survivor one was the black one and used it to give their hooves (feet, lol) a nice shine and I love how it came out.
 This is the inside of the card and the lined envelope.

I hope you like it a was lots of fun to put together.

Animal Kingdom has some nice layers easy to work with too and I was really pleased to
get to used this old cart.
It has so many images I forgot about.

Love to you all and...

Have a Moo-velous Day!!!!


  1. This is the cutest card! I just love it! Good for you on the gym thing! My hubby has been wanting us to start working out, he bought the P90X, but we need to extinguish the chimney, which I don't feel ready to do, ugh! Anyway, I read your post last night, but didn't have time t comment, but I'm with those who said they're here no matter what! :) Have a great day!

  2. That is too cute!! I just got Robyn's stamps the other day, but have not had time to use them. I can't wait to pull out Animal Kindgom to create!

  3. I DO like it A LOT!
    I really like the cows blue eyes,
    of all things! hahahahaha
    But really you did a great job and
    you must be sure you don't take
    on more than you can handle. Do
    what you have to do for you. That's
    my health motto. :) TR

  4. Well, this is just too cute ... great card! Congratulations to your son, what a wonderful opportunity for him, I know he'll have an awesome time.

    Jo xx

  5. OMG this cow card is soo cute!

  6. Fab design!!!! I hope you have a moo-velous day too!!!! LOL!!:)

  7. First of all Agnes, you are too funny!! "steaks"!! I love it!! And second, a Big Congratulations to your son and the rest of the chorus for getting to go the the "Big Apple" to perform!! WOW!!!! And last but not least, this card is adorable... You've got to know by now I love anything that pertains to the "farm"... This is super cute and I love the sentiment!! And a Moo-velous Day to you too my sweet friend!!! Hugs!!

  8. Such a cute card!!! I guess I just love every card you do!!! You really have a talent for making the most wonderful cards!

    Hey, so "our" son is doing it again! Wow!!! I'm just so proud of him. Will you and DH be travelling with him at all?

  9. No Audrey...we can't.

    They have a whole itinerary full of things to do and see from Friday AM to Sunday PM. They are going to have a blast besides the performance.

  10. congrats to your talented son and the rest of the chorus, what a rush for them to perform! steaks!!!! lol!! loads of detail including the! well done!

  11. Hahaha..I love the steaks oops cows part..I love this card its fun an cute. I need to get a set of those stamps. Congrats to your DS school on the NYC trip. I have always wanted to visit there.

    Oh my dear friend that had the surgery loved her card, the first thing she noticed was the little band-aide on the is doing a lot better now..still sore.

    I hope your doing well. Take care

    Hugs, Sheena

  12. I love this card ! You have such an eye for colour . Go Girlie !

  13. Oh! How cute! Love the blue eyes on the steak. I mean cow! LOL! Congrats to the kiddo too. How exciting!!! Don't give up with the working out thing. If you pressure yourself, you'll burn out. Slow and steady girlfriend! I have faith in you. Big hugs to you. ~Kristie

  14. Steaks - lol!! Hope you have a moooovalous day, too! :-)

  15. You're a hoot, Agnes! LOVE this card. Really cute and full of details. A big congrats to your son and his group and to you for hitting the gym. I just started working out again yesterday after...WAY TOO LONG! Best of luck to you (and me too!) xxD


Have a fun day!!!