Thursday, May 13, 2010


It is already Thursday and time again for another
Wild Card.
Today we have #40 from page #71 in the handbook.

My Monster Card
5 inches
All you need for this card is a double sided cardstock. It is so easy and no matter what you do it always comes out pretty.
 The pp is unknown for now :)...probably K&Company, LOL.
A bit of stickles for bling and done.

 The little monster is hugging the envelope here :)

This is the inside where he is holding a flower to give to you.

and...above you are seeing a sneak peak of my bedding cover 
(since I still working on the bedroom, LOL)
Lisa's Monster Card
---(Lisa will be posting when feeling better---
so sorry Lisa is not feeling well)
We hope you guys are enjoying the series. We have ten more to go and then I am already thinking on what else I am going to do with some of you who would like to work with me on another project.

We need some sponsors...anybody knows where we can find some sponsors besides ourselves?

If you do, please, send me an email at 

Thanks for visiting and for all the support you give me.



  1. What a fun card! it turned out funcky cool :) The material is beautiful and I love the black and white look, how exciting:) I cant wait till we move so i can re do our bedroom :)
    Wish I knew some sponsers but Im sure youll get some great offers :) Good luck!

  2. What a fun card!! Hope Lisa feels better soon!

  3. That card is great! My boys would love it! =)


  4. This is such an awesome card! I can't wait to see what cart you'll be working on next! You two have done such a great job with this one. I hope Lisa is feeling better soon!

  5. Cute card!..pretty bedding..I hope Lisa feels better

    Hugs, Sheena

  6. Hi, Agnes! A colorful and cute card!!! As usual!!! LOl!

  7. AWWWW, is this ever cute Agnes! Great paper. Get well soon Lisa! and your bedding looks gorgeous! xxD

  8. this was the first cut i made from this cart as the monster is so expressive looking!!! still working on the that the one you put your foot thru the ceiling? love the new linens!

  9. This is just tooooo cute!! Hugs!!!

  10. Monster is cute. Can you say that about a monster? He's monstrous. Your bedroom is coming along nicely too. Is it your "haven" yet?


Have a fun day!!!