Friday, June 18, 2010


I have been so blessed to have followers/friends like you guys.
I am so happy I started this blog.
You keep me going, yeap! you are the ones who keep me going on this journey. I have nobody around me to do my paper projects with but you guys. I used to show them to my hubby and son and in the beginning was like "Oh that is really pretty" or "Oh mom you are doing great" but it has been for a while now
I noticed they are not really much into the "oh and awe" anymore, lol. 
So, it's you and me friends...just you and me...and when I receive these awards they do make me happy...
very happy knowing that I have people who actually likes my work and they take the time to comment 
and take the time to think of me when Blog Awards come around. I am very thankful and grateful 
I have you around with me, that we are together
on this hobby of ours.

These two awards come from 
 Thanks dear Audrey!

and this one
from my other dear friend
Thanks dear 2ducky!

I know and you know I haven't follow the rules for the awards for a while now,
but I am going to say a few things about me here:

I used to read a lot prior to paper crafting.
I used to be a store manager.
I am going to loose some weight.
I do not like to cook.
I graduated with high honors when I was smart, lol.
I love the beach.
I am a mother of one.
I do not  like to use the phone much.
I am 5'8" tall. 
I haven't finish my bedroom yet.
and this is for now...

 If you haven't get any of these awards yet, please feel free to snatch it and put it in your blog from me. You all deserve it just for signing in and taking the time to come over and when time permits you even take the time to write your thoughts and share them with us.

Have fun and a great weekend!

On another note here: 
I can't believe nobody guessed I gave the money to my son

I still will have the giveaway with the entries I got. I will have as many entries as guesses. For example...if you guess two things, I will enter your name twice...if you tried 3 guesses, I will enter your name three times. The names will be numbers because that way I can use and have the video.

Thanks to all who participated!



  1. Hello Agnes. I attempted to post a comment the other day and blogger was giving me such a hard time. Anyway, I also wanted to send you two awards...the Sunshine award and the trendy blog award. I see that you have lots of sunshine awards but if you want I will send you the trendy blog award! I hope you will accept. Please contact me at sar342@aolcom and let me know:) Have a great weekend.

    Hugs:) Stephanie

  2. Hey, Agnes! You are so deserving of these awards, as well as many others! Thanks so much for all the bday wishes, support you've given me, and becoming someone I consider a friend! I've told you before, but I always love your work! I didn't get a chance to comment on your beautiful cards with boxes yesterday, but they were fabulous! I'll have to try them! I got my G yesterday, I was freaking and was going msg you, at first I thought I had every cart as some kind of update glitch in my favor! lol. I finally realized the red and black titles. Haven't cut, yet. Will try to today. I never thought I'd need it, either. SO glad the prices came down! Oh, and I hate to cook, too!

  3. Congrats on your awards! You deserve them!...btw I wanna loose some weight too! (baby weight!) lol ;p

  4. Hi Flowerdisco, I have another Blog award for you too =D Hope you are having an awesome Sunday.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Well done on the awards Agnes you deserve them all ! I love your blog and like you I don't have anyone close by to craft with so I love sharing on your blog it feels like we are all just around the corner from each other ! Have a great day !


Have a fun day!!!