Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hello To All

I hope everyone is doing well. I know I was MIA again but we were in Boston looking at some other schools for my son. We just came back and my feet are "screaming" from all the walking they did, lol. We also felt in love with downtown Boston. We did not get to see it all but we loved what we saw. I have some pics to share with you but, I will upload them later in the week.

I heard from Sweet Harmony and due to her husband's accident she says she won't be able to participate. The update  is we are back to 16 cards. I just hope her husband has a fast recovery and that Sweet Harmony will be okay taking care of their business. Good Luck to them!

I am going to say Good Night for now.

Oh!!!!.......and as of today I haven't received anything from the Circle. I will be calling Provo Craft tomorrow. I did email them last week and got a reply but nothing has been done about it. I am in not a very good mood with this situation. I paid on the 21st and today is July 15 and nothing yet. Grrrr!


  1. I have been to Boston once. it was cool, but i don't remember much. Put your feet up. I am off to my retreat with the youth. I hope i am ready. God will be doing great things this coming week. Get on PC. You should have gotten your 2 weeks ago. Hugs and have a great weekend and week. I will be back on the 9 to work on cards. I have some great ideas, now i just have to get them out.

  2. Agnes - Sounds like you have an even number again. But if your ever in a pinch and need some help, I can step in. Not that I'd "wow" anyone, but I could at least boost the numbers. LOL!
    Hope you found some good schools. I can't imagine looking at colleges at this point. So thankful I have a ways to go with ours! Take care.

  3. Thank you for organizing this! I have not started on the cards but I did go out and get some new paper to work with! Ok Ok I admit I might be addicted to paper LOL!! Is there a cure???! Ok well I am thankful you are letting us all be a part of this and if we wanted to send an extra card can we? I would like to send an extra one for Harmony.

  4. I've designed several of my cards in my Gypsy--just have to find time to get the cut out! I have to do my 1st Pink Designer project 1st though--I'm so nervous!

    I really hope you get your Circle package soon--the Gypsy update finally has French Manor--Yay!

  5. I hope your package arrives soon! I 'moved' to Boston for 2 weeks when I was 18...funny story. But, it was really a neat place! So historical, so much to see and do! I'm sure it's exhausting, but I bet you're also having a really great time and enjoying the chance to spend this time with your son! I'm hoping to get a bunch of cards done this weekend!

  6. I have been busy working on my cards. I didn't play around yesterday or today..for some reason I woke up with a really bad earache..I think its my allergies though causing it. I had this before about two months ago. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be ready to get back to making my cards.

    I hope you get your package soon.

    Hugs, Sheena

  7. Thank you for your sweet update on your blog. We are doing great right now...Just hanging in there. We will know more on Monday. I will try to participate next time but with taking care of my hubs and the baby, I don't have time :(

  8. hiiiiiii!
    Is there a list somewhere listed of each theme we need to do? Maybe I missed it, no one said I was a fast learner! HAHA
    You can email me if you want, thanks!
    erinleecreative at gmail dot com


Have a fun day!!!