Thursday, July 1, 2010


I never hosted a swap before but I am aware of what they call "flakers" lol.
I am thinking my first swap should be cards because 
that is what my blog is mainly about right now. 
I would like a theme for this swap too... 
Any ideas???
If you are interested I am looking to start this first swap with a max of 20 swappers. This way it will be easy to manage. 
I will start with the first 20 followers to sign up. 
You must be a follower and you must have a blog. 
You must post the card you receive on your blog with a link to the person whom you received the card from.

I will be the hostess and all cards have to be sent to me and then I will distribute them and I will pay for this postage. You will have to pay to send them to me tough, fair?
I won't participate but I will send you all a handmade Thank You Card since I have no sponsors but my empty pockets, lol. 
I will also take pics of them, post them individually on my blog and I will add a link to your blog.
This is for fun, no stress about it... but please...make a nice card that the recipient will be very happy with. 
This detail will make this swap a success or a failure.

You will have 2 weeks from the day we start to send them to me and I will have a week to send them to you. Does it sounds good?
Any other input to make this better?
Thanks for participating!



  1. I love it! Such a GREAT idea! I'd love to participate! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Sounds great. I would love to participate! How many cards are you planning to have each person make, or were you thinking just one? I participated in a cricut cut swap and had so much fun. It is a great way to meet new people.


  3. I love it. I would love to do this, but need to know when. I am gone on a church youth group retreat from the 16-aug 9. Long but fun. I really want to do this. Please go to my blog and leave me a message if I can. Thanks so much. I can't wait.

  4. I'm in! I'm not sure of the theme though. I'm thinking birthday, but that's because I didn't have any made when I went to grab one this morning -- LOL!

    Just let me know!

  5. I'm completely new to making cards but I would like to try to do this :) Might not be over the top but I will try my best!

  6. count me in I would love to do this sounds like alot of fun.

  7. LOVE IT!!! I would love to participate and look forward to seeing all the other work as well.

    Jenny Kozar

  8. I'm also new to this whole card making and cricut ideas. But I would love to participate in this swap. Add me.

  9. Hey-hey, my friend. Will we be committed to a certain number of cards? How often?

    Of course, I'll help any way I can!

  10. I would love to participate also. I am also new to the card making fun but would love to share ideas with others.

  11. I sure hope you can do this. I have never done a swap like this. so we can do anything. Maybe a card for all Seasons. so 20 cards 2 for christmas, 2 for easter, 2 for valentines day, 2 for 4th of july 2 birthdays, and or 2 anything. what do you think. Thanks for getting back to me. i was so happy to have a message.

  12. Hey friend this is such a cool idea I would love to be a part of it count me in! Also I like Dawn's idea about making cards for all occassions:) Sounds like fun:)

  13. Sounds wonderful, I would love to participate :)

  14. Sounds like fun..count me in pleeeaaasseee! :)

    I love swaps!

  15. This would be awesome! Count me in! Can't wait to start!

  16. I agree with the making cards for all the holidays that would be fun.

  17. Sounds fun!! I never done a swap it like a tag swap where you make 20 tags to send to you? but it be 20 cards? I would love to join in..just let me know :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  18. sounds like a fun swap, Agnes. Sure wish I had the time. Will be watching to see the lucky participants. xxD


Have a fun day!!!