Saturday, August 28, 2010


All of you who want to post their cards on their blogs and haven't done so you are allowed to do it. I wanted to be a surprise for the recipients but hey, what's yours it's yours and if you want to post them it is all well with me. 
I love you all and have no heart to say no.
You will be surprised no matter what with so much talent involved in this swap. So far what I have in my possession is priceless. They are so beautiful I am in heaven looking at them in real life.


  1. Love the pic!! I love when the leaves start to pretty. I think I'll wait to post my pics :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  2. You're too sweet! That picture is beautiful!

  3. I am going to post mine after i get my cards. I just want everyone to be surprise. But thank you that is nice. I cant wait to do something else. This was fun.

  4. Wish I had time for a swap. It sounds like so much fun! HaHa, Agnes. Just be lucky I didn't pass that award along to YOU. I'd be counting the days. LOL xxD

  5. How fun! I'd love to do a swap or secret santa or anything. Just let me know if you want more people!


Have a fun day!!!