Saturday, August 7, 2010


I have been busy cleaning the house :) while my husband and son were away to check the Northeastern University in downtown Boston. Yeap!...another trip to Boston in less than a month or so :)
and... a few more grad cards.
Besides this, not much going on here. 
We have a beautiful weekend and I have been outdoors enjoying it.

Lulu had a blast today at the pet store too. (It was time to get her nails done). She was like a little kid with all the toys around her. Too funny! She is a darling. We bought her a ball cap: pink and denim colors. I will take a pic of her and post it in the week. LOL.
 Well, I also have a beautiful entry for the Sweet Pagoda challenge already.
Did you check it out yet?

You can 
post and enter your project for a chance to win some nice candy.

The following graduation cards were made today under pressure again...I love my son but he thinks I remember all the dates and cards I was supposed to make for his friends...I do not even remember my name sometimes, lmbo. J/K

Grad Card for a male friend
4.25 by 5.5 inch card
 and two more for females.
(I got tired of the hats so I used flowers for the girls).

 Below, some downtown Boston pics.
We love Boston.

Have a great weekend!

xoxo to all.


  1. you did great under pressure....and oh my, I love Boston too!...never been there!

  2. Great cards. Love those butterfly chairs!! TFS


  3. Beautiful cards! You're so nice to make such wonderful items for this special occasion in a young person's life!

    And Boston ... whew ... makes me wish I lived in the east even MORE!

  4. Oh, wow! Those butterfly chairs are too cool! All great pics, I really enjoed them! Is Berkley one of the schools he's concidering? That'd be a great school! You said he likes music...will he be studying it?
    Your cards are all fab! I'm trying to get all my cards done...I'm so behind! I always do this to myself, though. I can't wait to see pics of Lulu! Enjoy your weekend and having some quiet time with the house to yourself!

  5. Beautiful cards! Love the pictures of Boston. TFS : D. My computer still isn't fixed, but I'm gettng better at navigating around blogs with my stand-in : D.

  6. great pics of Boston. My son would love to go to Berklee school of music, but his first choice is University of Oregon for track then music is his second love.

    Great cards :)

  7. great cards! like how you changed it up with the flowers. I love the pics of Boston :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  8. Great how you switched it up with flowers for the girls. My oldest niece graduates from high school next time flies!

    The pics of Boston are terrific...I live just south of the it!


Have a fun day!!!