Thursday, September 16, 2010


Card Swap participants
 This is a short update to tell you where we stand with the swap.

We started with 17 participants and went down to 14 participants. I already took photos of every single card and made a collage of each participants cards. I will be swapping them this coming week of September 20th and hopefully I can send them that same week.
I have to say Thanks again for your participation and also that I am very sad for the ones who couldn't make it.


  1. Thanks for the update..I look forward to getting these cards soon! :)

  2. How and what did you use to make those cards in the photo? I love them. They look like they say thanks?? pls fill me in. Thanks so much!

  3. Sounds interesting! I can't wait to see! I wish my cards were as beautiful as yours and I hope everyone likes them! I know the collage and all the cards will be beautiful!


  4. Hey chickie! Sorry I've been sort of MIA. LIFE, you know. I did some catching up. Such great stuff! I admire people who can join in on swaps and especially those who coordinate them. Can't wait to see the cards. xxD

  5. this is so cool I hope all is well. I hope you are not discouraged and do do another one of theses. I had so much fun. It would be great to do something like this again. Thanks for putting all your hard work into this. hugs

  6. Agnes- Your challenges are so cool. If you'll let me, I want to be in on the next set. Whenever it is, flag me. Stone me. Yank my hair out by the roots to get my attention. Whatever it takes. I'd love to just try one time to do this. Thanks!

  7. Oh I love your cards you made! I so wanted to do your swap but had way to many things going on at the time and I didn't want to be a flaker, lol! But if you do another one please keep me in mind! I would love to do your swap!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  8. I had fun making all my cards for your swap..I'm ready for another one :) Can't wait to see what everyone else has made :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  9. I am soooooooo excited I cant wait! I am finally back almost to normal. My puppy had to have back surgery so I have been out of the loop since last week. He is doing great (thank goodness) or i would be a basket case!

    Thank you for all that you do!! I know its hard to coordinate this many people and you do it wonderfully!!



Have a fun day!!!