Friday, September 10, 2010


If you would like to join the Cricut Circle I can get you in but you need a referral form that I will provide you with. 
You have to act fast because this enrollment  will close this on September 13.
Please, contact me for details at 
flowerdisco at gmail dot com



  1. I would love to, I REALLY want French manor, but I can't afford it right now :-(
    Hope you get some referrals. If I did join I would definitely get a referral through ya!

  2. Oh man I really wish I could join and help you out. We are financially not able to do much of anything at the moment. Im so bummed about this. good luck. I hope others can sign up thru you :)

  3. Hi, girlfriend, like I told Sandy I'm still on the fence as to whether it's really worth the money or not! I'd like to but I just don't see that many benefits yet! Anyway, I'm going to think it over tonight and make a decision tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I don't know if you have hear yet or not about this blog but... You really should consider entering some of your pretty projects over at Papercraft Star. It's a unique challenge blog that allow participants and the public to vote on their favorites, the challenges are posted way in advance to give you plenty of time to get your projects ready and you can win prizes too!

  5. now you know I am an idiot!! LOL... I'm glad you found the correct address! You are one smart cookie obviously...

    but for those that may read my post it is

    Glad you check out Papercraft Star!

  6. I am already a circlette. But I just wanted to shout out and say HI!!! I've been MIA. Won't bore you with the details. But I am playing catch up and couldn't wait to come here and check out your fab projects. Hope all is going well!


Have a fun day!!!