Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"PLAYING WITH SERENADE" by flowerdisco & friends

Hello friends, followers and visitors.

I hope you all are doing well.

I want to take this moment to remind you all that this is a very busy time of the year for me and my family and I might be not be as productive in the blogging world as usual. :(

On the other side,

I am very happy to be doing the series with friends. We all have something to bring to the table with our different styles. If you missed our Serenade premiere last Wednesday, please click here to take a look.

For this week I have image #9...a butterfly on its side,
and this is
the huge card I made with it.

8 inches
Isn't pretty?
I wasn't too sure at first, but after adding this and that, I really-really like it.
My friend Helen from long live paper and scissors asked me if I had a plan when I did my clipboard. I am quoting her here:
""wow! i wish when i did my homework last minute, that it turned out this incredible!!! was the idea in your head already? i always love your colour palette, it is so energizing! it;s a winner in my books!!!""
 My answer to that is I hardly ever have a plan. I might see something on a magazine or blog and get inspired but it always ends up being totally mine and none from the inspiration. I just sit and and whatever comes to my mind I start with and keep playing with it, adding this and that and sometimes it just doesn't work. But, that  is life too...we don't get everything we want, lol.
Any how, I did not win the ABC challenge.
You can go to
 and see who won. It's ok. I know the clipboard came out awesome.

well, back to my
Giggle card
Did I say it is huge at
8 inches?
 here it is again
Besides the butterfly from Serenade, the rest of the cuts are from Accent Essentials.
The papers are from My Mind's Eye Bloom and Grow collection (the same paper collection I used for my Cookbook) and the red is from American Crafts cardstock.
I added some stickles, some faux stitching, some jewels and a piece of orange ribbon.

This is the inside of it.
The sentiments are from Hampton Art clear stamp set called Giggles.

(when I welded the card base using the Accent essentials image #31 I also used hide contour to hide one of the layers and I also used the mirror image feature to make the images weld proportionally. I also inked everything). 
Remember you can click on the images for a larger view.

Now, onto my friends projects.



Hopefully you enjoyed this part 2
and come back 
next Wednesday 
when we will be showcasing round 3.

Hugs to all!


  1. Oh you did a great job! I really like all the detail and the pen work!!

  2. Your card is amazing! I love that butterfly. You seem to find things on cards that I have that I totally miss -- I don't see them until you post a card! It's almost as though the image just appears on the cart out of nowhere -- LOL!

    All the cards your friends made are wonderful too!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your card!!! the colors are soooo fun and bright!!!

    Im having sooo much fun!!!

  4. I'm seconding what Audrey said lol. And I love the giggle sentimnent : D. I'm loving seeing what everyone is doing! Thanks for hosting this!

  5. I SO love your card, Agnes! I love that it's so big! Everything about it just all works together so well!
    I had wondered the same thing about your clipboard! I think that it shows your true talent and artistic skills the way you are able to just throw things together last minute like that!

  6. Great projects from everyone!!

  7. Wow what a wonderful card. Love the colors and just the right amount of bling! Love all the other beautiful cards they are wonderful. TFS

  8. Great projects ladies! I love your card Agnes..its so bright an fun. :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  9. Agnes - I love your card! Those colors are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing and getting so many others together to share too!


  10. These are all amazing projects. Love what you are doing with this cart. In fact, I have a bone to pick with you. LOL! I thought about calling you my little aggitator (playing off your name, being silly.) Then I thought no, its gotta be my little instigator!!! Cause guess who just couldn't be without a serenade cartridge?! Here I thought I had most of them and wanted to be ready for your next challenge and you are actually working with one that I don't have!!! But I changed all that yesterday. Its on its way so I can play too! ;0) Thank you for all your kind words. I really appreciate them. K

  11. Fun cards! Eight inches is really big. I assume you have to make your own envelope for that one. Just wanted to drop by and say hello. I'm looking forward to getting to know you on the Cuttlebug Spot design team.

  12. Really beautiful Agnes! I love that you weren't afraid to make a really big card! WooHoo! all of your friends did beautiful work. And yes, chickie! Super big hugs! You were the only one I knew besides the rest of the oldies. (I thought maybe it was still a secret.) xxD

  13. Hey hey sweetie, I am so glad you contacted me I seriously was thinking of trying to find ya again!!! I have been out of it since March have been thru alot...but finally being able to post again. Just don't know how much I will get done. As usual my dear friend you have rocked it agan!!! Love your wonderful creations!!! The blog looks AMAZING!!! I will be checking in more often. Thanks so much for stopping by it really meant alot to hear from ya!!! Hugs, Dawn

  14. you have received so many generous compliments concerning your artisitic abilities and isn't it grand that we have the blog world where we can share our creations!!!

  15. This is my FAVORITE card! LOVE the butterfly and the colors are just perfect!

    Sweet hugs,
    Carol L.

  16. What a GREAT card!
    And HUGE! Hahahaha.
    Did you have to make the
    envelope for it? Love your
    style.... ((hug))



Have a fun day!!!