Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"PLAYING WITH SERENADE" by flowerdisco & friends


Round #3 of
is here, 

This is image #16 and I made a birthday card for all the blogs out there whose birthdays are on September too.
Happy B-day
  is a 3.5" by 9' wide
  They remind me of fern branches. The images have their layers but I decided not too use them after all. I cut them but they looked to bulky for what I had in mind. I inked them instead (what a surprise, uh?, lol.).
They are cut at 4.15 inches high and I just adhered the stems to that beautiful yellow paper from Cloud Nine. This way I added more of a realistic dimension in real life.
 You can see it better on this photo. 
The balloons are from a stamp set I have: Everything Happy. I stamped them onto the yellow patterned paper first and then on a scrap of purple, pink and green cardstock. I then cut them out and added just the top part to the stamped ones and popped just one with double the dose of mini Glue Dots. :)

That little bow is made with a leftover ribbon I used when I made the Card Holder for Robyn aka My Pink Stamper. The ribbon is from Target. And as you can see I need a bit more practice with them :)

Remember you can click on the photos for a bigger view.
The cake is from "From my Kitchen" and is cut at 2.75 inches high with all its layers.

The mini alpha stickers that make up the "happy b-day" phrase are from Making Memories as you might already know. I had them for a while and I finally got to use them again.

The cake was popped up with some American Crafts dots and some foam tape because I did not want to use all AC trying to save for another day, cheapo here!!!, lol. I rather call myself frugal ;-)

 Another view
(The green patterned paper for the branches is from K&Co, the cake was made with leftovers from the Halloween stack I used to make the milk carton and the shadow on the cake is American Crafts cardstock). A bit of stickles: Yellow, Cotton Candy, Lavender and Lime Green.

And FINALLY...the whole card here.
I hope you didn't get bored with me trying to explain everything :)
Now onto my friends projects.



Hopefully you enjoyed this part 3
and come back 

next Wednesday 
when we will be showcasing round 4.

Hugs to all!


  1. Everyone did so great :) I am stressing over mine. I cant get it to post. It was supposed to post already and it didnt. So I went and just tried to delete the times and it still didnt post. Then I went and tried to change the time so it would be like a few minutes later and it STILL didnt post! GRRRRRRRR!

  2. Fabulous cards all of them! I need to use my Serenade I bought it months ago when I just 'had to have it'! and not used it yet! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  3. Great card! Your use of colors is just stunning in a totally fabulous way. TFS!

  4. I also bought Serenade a while and your friends have motivated me to get it out of the box. Great card-love the candle sticking out above the card!

  5. Fabulous card! I don't have serenade, but perhaps I need to think about getting it LOL. Why does reading your blog always cost me money?


  6. Fun Birthday the colors :) also love everyone's projects..great job.

  7. I love it! I haven't been using the shadows either. I need to come up with something a little more creative next week to keep up with you all :-)

  8. Great birthday card! I always think it's a challenge to make a card that isn't A2 size. You've done a beautiful job!

  9. GORGEOUS card!!!! I love the colors and the branches WOW!!! I am sooo happy to be doing this because we can actually see that beautiful things can be created with every single image!!!

  10. Another great group of project! Love them :)

    Test results came back yesterday...all good, no tumor. Thank you so much for your thoughts!

  11. This is a gorgeous card. I especially love the brightly coloured cake. You've inspired me to get my Serenade out again.

  12. Wow what a beautiful birthday card. ALL the cards are wonderful. TFS

  13. Wow, Agnes! I had only seen your teaser until now! I love that you made it into a birthday card! They remind me a ferns, too! You know, I first started following your blog around the time you made your FMK project, then gave it away. I never told you, but I was and am still in such awe of the project, I swore I was going to make one just like it. I have started, but girl, that's a LOT of work. I am still in shock that you spent all that time making it, it turned out absolutely gorgeous, and you gave it away!?!? lol. I'll finish mine...someday.

  14. So saddle(sp) and yet so bright!
    I could not come up with the fern word to research the spiritual meaning of!! LOL I bet you guys are glad!!
    Great use of the ferns combined with a cake!!!

  15. awww Thank you for the comment!! I am having sooo much fun with this! I wanted to also let you know I got the cards today and they are AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    I LOVED your thank you card. Is that something you came up with or is it on a cart?

  16. oh one more thing.. Do you have a list of email address for all the ladies in the swap so I can thank each of them? Or I guess when we post the pictures we can thank from that? I just want to thank everyone!! I LOVE MINE!!

  17. I have to say all the cards were AMAZING!!! I will get mine photoed over the weekend and get them posted, there was so much talent and love put into each and every one:)

  18. All of the projects are beautiful! I won Serenade on eBay and can't wait to get it now. TFS!!

  19. Wonderful card! I love Serenade! Love the bright colors you chose.

  20. Good job!
    The 'birthday' person is going
    to be well pleased! And consider
    the card itself a gift of love. :)



Have a fun day!!!