Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"PLAYING WITH SERENADE" by flowerdisco & friends

Happy Wednesday and Happy Fall!

 We are already experiencing not cool but cold weather. The tropical storms have been pouring rain on this side since last week. Monday and Tuesday was Brrr! :)


I am here to introduce another series of  
We are already half way and I am thinking to have a small surprise for those who have been following the series and commenting on these gorgeous Serenade projects. shh! it is supposed to be a secret ;)

My image for this week is #23 and is a already know flowerdisco loves flowers, hehehe, and I decided to make something different. I had already bought the one staple I needed to make it and well here it is...this is my first time making a...
Flower Hair Pin/Brooch
3 inches in diameter
 (Remember to CLICK on the image to have a bigger view)
This hair pin/brooch came out  

This image has 4 cuts and forgive me if I do not have the proper names for them: a shadow, a base, the big one you see on the Gypsy screen and a small circle for the center of the flower.
 The bigger image you see on the Gypsy screen was cut in 5 different sizes:
3", 2.75", 2.5", 2.25" and 2" inches. I also cut the shadow image twice, to give the pin a sturdier base.
You see the scallops on the big image, right? To make my flower dimensional I cut one scallop off on the 3 inches one; then two scallops off on the 2.75 inch one; then three on the next size, then four and then five on the smallest one and glue them again with Scotch's Quick-dry adhesive to make the circle again for dimension...did I loose you? Clear as mud right? lol. It is the same techniques they are using to make the paper flowers.

 I inked everything and I used my glue gun to add the 5 layers. (I tried with the Scotch's glue but it wasn't working, :() BUT, the glue gun attached all the pieces very well and very secured.

 I bought a jar of Diamond Dust when I was in Boston and I finally got to use it here. I am learning this technique and even it seems like a lot of Diamond Dust still looks very nice. Next time I know to use a bit less, lol. All the Diamond Dust is very secured to the flower tough. I made sure of that. :)
 The leaves are from A Child's Year cartridge...
beautiful leaves and I never noticed they were there, wink-wink...
(that is because it gets to be too many cartridges in the collection, lol).

 This is the back and I attached that hair pin using my glue gun again.

I have a model to show off the flower as a hair pin: ME...lmbo!!!

I also tried putting it on my purse handle and it look nice there too and around my potted plants and in my kitchen and in the bathroom....and every where I put it it looked beautiful. Oh! I have a garland on my front door and just imagine a whole garland with these flowers on different will be to die for :)

Well... I hope I have inspired you with my hair pin and remember these flowers in other colors will look different on every season decor. 

Now onto my friends projects.


As always I have enjoyed every single project my friends make and I certainly
Hope you have enjoyed them too,
and come back 

next Wednesday.
  We will be showcasing round 5.

Hugs to all!

and Thanks for the love left.  


  1. You said it girlfriend, GORGEOUS!!!! You outdid yourself with this one, and completely blew me away! I absolutely love it, and that diamond dust really took it to a whole 'nother level!

  2. This flower is just awesome and I like the diamond dust. TFS

  3. that flower wow is so pretty. I love the so called bling ha. it is beautiful. hugs

  4. So PRETTY!!!! I love the sparkle. Great projects by the other designers :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  5. I too love the sparkle!!!! I can see it in a really super deep dark red color!!! WOW to bad Abbita wont wear anything on her hair!!!! :(

  6. This is just stunning!!! I love it!

  7. Your hair pin is Beautiful!! I love this flower. Great job. Shari (cricutrookie)

  8. Hi, Your hairpin / brooch / purse bling is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing - you've given me some fab ideas.

  9. Wow! That's one gorgeous hair barrette. It would make an awesome pin too. Love the diamond dust! TFS :D

  10. It is definitely Gorgeous! Fabulous job! Also, great job at modeling. :)


  11. OMG!!! Agnes, that flower pin is to just "die" for!!! It is fabulous, my friend!!!

    All your friends did a wonderful job -- I love everything!

  12. OMGosh Agnes I absolutely LOVE this flower! You know I love the flowers and I'm definetly going to have to lift this one if it's okay with you! I will post a link back to you when I get it done too and love the diamond dust, is it the same as the Martha Stewart stuff? I already have that stuff and it looks like the same stuff.
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  13. OMG! That is gorgeous!!!! love it.. I have been looking around your blog and you have beautiful creations. I just beacame your newest follower and I can't wait to see more... Please, visit my blog, I would love to hear from you! Have a super sweet day...


  14. Gorgeous flower! Love the addition of the diamond dust!

  15. Ditto on what Jessica said. I love that diamond dust! You did an amazing job with this project!

  16. Love the flower pin! Way cool!!


  17. All I can say is that you are a very clever lady!

    Well done..... TR


Have a fun day!!!