Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Same cut, same size.
Different patterned paper, different vintage button, different color.

My Blue Jingle Bell

I will be making two smaller bells, for the left and right side, and the three of them will be used to make a small garland for one of my dear neighbors.

Now, is the time to use all that beautiful bling paper for ornaments.
Go ahead and show me yours. Leave me a comment, add your blog address and I will be randomly picking a winner after Thanksgiving, for a chance to win my last Scrabble Pendant from

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


  1. I Love your ornament. it's beautiful..and on another note I Love your scrabble pendants please email me and let me know how to make them. would love to make one for my sister as a gift for Christmas. I have made the bottle cap pins but I love this idea.

  2. Wow are those ever gorgeous!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, love everything about it. I guess it is true that great minds think a like,because last night I was in my craft room brainstorming to make a Christmas garland. Yup, you guessed it, I was going to use a bell. I cant wait to see yours:)


  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Agnes! It really turned out lovely! I've said it before, you really have a knack for picking the perfect pattern paper! I really love it! I'll definitely see if I can come up with something for this challenge!

  5. This is so pretty! I love the paper you used and that button in the center is perfect! :)

  6. Wow Agnes. This is REALLY pretty. I love the blue patterned paer you chose. GORGEOUS!!!

  7. These are beautiful! I love the layers and the paper. So pretty and festive.
    Stop on over to my blog :) I made some Starbucks Coffee box covers for my neighbors. They were alot of fun to make.
    Have a terrific day!

  8. You don't have to put me in the pick
    (because I already have a lovely pendent
    from you ... unless you just want to.)
    but I just wanted to say how very pretty
    this is! I must show you the one I did
    the other night. If I can get my friend to
    let me take a picture of it! I gave it to
    her, as she was over here playing and
    loved it. sigh...... And I don't have
    enough of the same paper to make
    You're crafts are always so so pretty. :)

    TR `

  9. This is just beautiful Agnes! Hope you are doing well!

  10. This is beautiful, such a winning design. love it!

  11. Another stunning ornament.

  12. Oh that is so beautiful! I just love the way it looks kind vintage but still very Christmas-y.


  13. Agnes, this is absolutely beautiful!!!!
    I love it!



  14. WOW!!! Fantabulous!! This bell is stunning oh my you have really inspired me lady! I have ttoatally tring to come up with something small to give away...I sworny I have made something of everything in my 42 yo! It seems that way anyway, I'll be thinking about making something and bam...already made those and gave out one year...etc. I am thinking of making copper bracelets...don't you wanna be on my Christmas list..wink! IDK at this moment. I love the scrabble tile AMAZING!! I am such a big skull fan, I even found a book that was nothing but skulls made from anything and everything....just so creative!! As always thanks a billion for coming by my blog you know it realy puts a smile on my face. Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful full of inspirational day..Hugs, Dawn :o)

  15. Agnes, this is just adorable!! I loved your red one and read all your posting, but cannot comment from work! These are just simply adorable! If I have to create tags for Xmas, I will have to scraplift this!!! loved the red one with the inherited button!!!!
    My sister is doing much better (getting use to it), thanks for always caring enough to ask.

  16. Oh, I forgot. I love your new profile picture!!

  17. Just wanted to jump back in and say Happy Birthday before it's 11/19/10 and then it's too late!!! LOL!

    Hope you had a great-great day!

    Love ya, hon!!!

  18. Beautiful ornament! Love the paper you chose to work with. The vintage button is perfect and I'm sure when it is finished your neighbor will love it. I know I would!

  19. I just love stopping by and seeing your creations!!! This is absolutely gorgeous! The paper is just beautiful and I love your center piece. Just perfect. You are super creative.... TFS

  20. oh wow the colors on this bell is so pretty it shows the details of the bell so good.

  21. This is sooooo beautiful I instantly went "GASP" when I opened the page!!! The colors and patterns are just to die for!!!! You are sooooo talented mi amiga!!! Besos!! XOXO Momo

  22. Another one that totally looks like it's actual ribbon.

    Simply beautiful!!

  23. This is an amazing ornament. I love the vintage button and colors.


  24. LOVE IT!!! The paper is gorgeous :0). Have a super blessed day!
    Hugs, Carol L.

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  26. Beautiful ornament!! I also left you an award on my blog :) Enjoy!

  27. Agnes, this is gorgeous!!! I really love the blue color!! What a wonderful present to give to your neighbor!!! I wished I lived next door!!! :o)
    Oh, I have something for you over on by blog if you have some extra time!!! Hopy you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.... Hope you're feeling well, and I'm not for sure when you B-day is, but I know it's soon of just past... so, Happy Birthday or Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hugs to you sweet friend!!!

  28. Hi Agnes ! Thanks for been my follower... now I'm yours too...
    You have a great blog and that ornament is so pretty ! love it.

    My husband makes chorizos every week ! if you really want to know his receipt just let me know and I will e-m you !!! xoxo

    Have a great Monday ;-)

  29. Hi Agnes, I have an award to give you and you can come pick it up over at my blog.

    Your awesome!

  30. Hey I finally got the jingle bell finished. With all the errands, shopping, etc. I didnt think I was going to get to play.
    Here's the link



Have a fun day!!!