Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hello my friends
Today is Tuesday and that means another cuttlebug challenge at 
Here is the challenge for this week:
as posted by Nilda

At the dinner table

"Good morning. Well last week we invited you to dinner, so this week we will sit at the table. We have some great project from the Design Team for  place settings, napkin holders, and center pieces that  have been given that special touch with embossing.  I'm sure you will find something to use at your table.  Share your ideas with us and enter to win  a gift certificate to The Craft Barn."

My take for the challenge was a placemat and a napkin holder.
I had many ideas for this placemat but due to my worries about my test I couldn't bring them to the table ;) in a better setting. I could.'t even get the purple on the placemat purple but it kept coming out blue. So when I came back home from the tests, I decided give it another shot at the photos and on these ones at least you can see purple a bit more. hehehe

My Thanksgiving Placemat
I used the same scarecrow from the invites, the same punched leaves and the same patterned paper I used for the prior project. I wanted the placemat be an extension of my invites.

If you click on the photo you get a bigger view and can see I embossed the leaves with my TEXTILE cuttlebug folder I am in love with.

These leaves and the napkin holder were embossed as well.

 I hope you enjoy it!

It is much decent in real life, lol

On another note, I have to see my neurosurgeon on friday and I am hoping by then he has the results of my brain MRI's.
You see? they discovered I have a brain aneurysm like 8-10 years ago and now I am having blindness episodes for about two years now. I check my aneurysm every two years because it has not moved or grown as of 2008 and these blindness episodes are not from my eyes or my heart. I had already an ultrasound on my neck to make sure they were not blockages despite the fact that my arteries and veins are very open. When I had my open heart surgery three years ago it was because my mitral valve was regurgitating and needed to be repaired or replaced and, Thank to God they were able to repair it and to this day it continues to function well.
Anyhow, I always get a bit scared about the tests and I have been a bit of a mess, lol. I was in that MRI tunnel yesterday for over an hour,   :( but,  NO PITY please,.......I AM ALIVE AND SO FAR NO TERMINAL ILLNESSES, but thank you for reading because I needed to vent. :)
Now, have fun submitting your project to 
for a chance to win a gift certificate to get some goodies.

See you tomorrow!

and we have a winner for the Dia de los Muertos, yay!!!
Congratulations to

I have another pendant to give away, so stay tuned :)

Love you all


  1. Wow! This placemat is awesome! Is this all made of paper? It's beautiful!
    I'm your newest follower!

    Check out my blog.

  2. Love your placemat! And I won't have pity for you, but will keep you in my thoughts and prayers :)

  3. so adorable, cute, and I would be afraid to eat on it. ha

  4. Wow!! Now I feel like I need to get busy with my Thanksgiving decorations!! This is adroable!! Love that scarecrow! Sorry to hear about all the tests... sending prayers your way!
    barb :)

  5. Amazing job on your placemat and napkin ring!!! They are absolutely beautiful! The colors are beautiful and the embossing just puts it over the top!!! Not to mention that scarecrow has to be the cutest one I have ever seen! I have been keeping you in my thoughts, Agnes, and will continue to do so! Big hugs to you, hun, and I'll talk to you later today!

  6. Hey Agnes!

    Your project is absolutely beautiful as always! You are truly gifted and inspiring! I, too, love the textile folder and your scarecrow is so darn cute!!

    I know how stressful medical issues can be...know that you are in many people's thoughts and prayers, including mine!

    Thanks for sharing your work!


  7. Love the placemat!! It is very beautiful!

  8. Super cute project!
    I hope everything turns out okay with the tests, yet I do hope they find the cause of your blindness episodes. I am sure that they are very scary! I hate MRI's too, I get really anxious being stuck inside there!
    Good luck Agnes, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  9. Love your placemat - I just love that scarecrow. He is so happy and fun! No pity just prayers I say! And I will be keeping you in mine. Thans for sharing Agnes!
    Jenny Kozar

  10. First, Holy Hannah Batman. You sure have gone through a lot. It's fabulous that you are this positive still. You sure are amazing Agnes. :)

    Second, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the placemats. They are sure to be a hit! So clever and detailed!

    Love ya!

  11. Prayers for good results. (hug)
    We'll always listen.

    Hey! That pendant is soooo pretty!
    YOU want to WIN that!

  12. So Cute!!..I'll try and have some blog post tomorrow..I got my Christmas cards done today, but forgot to take pics..so I'll do that tomorrow. I'm finally feeling a lot better :)

  13. Great idea, love your placemat.Big hug to you too.

  14. LOVE your placemat it is so awesome! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  15. Dear Agnes, it is good to "vent" there is a lot happening in your life! Want to wish you good luck for the tests! I hope everything is ok!

    Love the placemat! You could laminate it so I won't get dirty and you can keep it pretty!!!
    Love the continue-ing of the theme!
    (I think we ladies love that! lol)

  16. I will keep you in my prayers for Friday. Love the placemat.

  17. Fabulous place mat and napkin holder! Love the texture and colors.
    No pitty from me :) Just so blessed to have you in my crafty life and I want you to take care so you'll be here for hundreds of years OK?


  18. Love the place mat and napkin ring:) Many hugs and prayers to you my friend!

  19. This is a cute set. I love how great they look together. It was fun to talk to you at the conference call. I'm going to follow your blog so I can keep up with what you are doing :).

  20. I was wondering if anyone was going to do a placemat! Sooo cute! Best of luck on your tests, hon. Will be thinking of you! xxD

  21. Great idea - love all the little leaves!
    Helen x


Have a fun day!!!