Tuesday, January 11, 2011


ooops--i forgot to send this to nildas at the cuttlebug spot--so you will not find it there :(
i also had it scheduled and did not upload--another boo for google--grrr!!
i also have to correct the mps blog hops won't be every friday but monthly on a friday
this friday will be our first hop--more info to come ;p


today is time for embossing with 
we are supposed to be inspired by a song and as bad as it seems i really did not get the inspiration but i know of a lot of love songs and since heart day is very near, this is what i made for you.

but before i go into that, i want to apologize for the lack of consistency with my blog background as i try to find a suitable clean looking background without loosing my style, lol.
i liked the green one i had prior to this one,  but it was hard on my eyes and i can't even imagine if you had to struggle too to read it, lol...so very sorry. i still working on it.  
last night i made a new blog button you will find on the left column if you wish to grab the new one. little by little i will find something that suits my mood and easy for you to read and enjoy.

now onto to my 
Adorable Card
4" square
 the card base is black and the white has been embossed with the hearts cuttlebug folder. 

another mess-up here with the black embossing powder 
(i will change that but i will do it later--i had to upload for the cuttlebug spot)
the stamp is from my mps winter punnies clear stamp set and i cut one of the stamps in half to use the Adorable word only (i know--it was a really tough decision, lol)

on the hearts i used more embossing powder in silver and gold and      
 that texture comes from this wood mounted stamp i got at hobby lobby called distressed background--hehe, what an original name that is ;p
used versamark for the stamping.
 and of course you already know this is the inside. i am liking stamping the inside with a border or an image.
do not forget you can participate in nilda's challenge. nilda has some prizes for the chosen winner.
you can click here to go to 

i almost forgot to tell you about my crinkle ribbon.;p
i used organza and my heat gun--hehe--pretty easy. i bought the ribbon in white in case i need to ink it to change the color. nice tip!! ;p 
thank you agnes...now i can make my own, lol.

take care and i love you all.


  1. Lovely card. I'm loving that Cuttlebug folder (it's all over the internet projects right now). Now I'm wishing I had picked it up in the store when it was around; I'm sure it will be difficult to find with Valentine's Day looming.

  2. Cute card...love the embossing..love that distressed background stamp.

    Hugs, Sheena

  3. This is very pretty! I scheduled a post for yhis morning that didn't go either. Hope they fix that!

  4. beautiful card! i love that embossing you did -- both the dry and the heat embossing. it adds so much -- love all the textures.

    i love your blog -- very cool. :)

  5. Great textures on this one chickie! Very pretty. Lovin' the new font on your blog. Looks hand done. xxD

  6. Good job Agnes! And love your blog, it is different but very nice! And once again I am so green....would have loved to be on Robyn's team! Maybe next time...for now enjoy a little for me as well :)

  7. Love the card. Hearts are very pretty. thanks for sharing.

  8. Gorgeous card! Much to look at here with all your detail. Great job!

  9. Very cute card!!! Love your blog though the font is a little bit hard for me to read, it is cute though. TFS! -Sam

  10. Hmmm... What do I detest about this card? Nothing! What do I love about it? Um... EVERYTHING! Lol!
    Your too funny about worrying about upsetting us on your blog changes. We're crafty people, we like change! So absolutely no worries. At least not from me!

  11. Love this card and I hope you are feeling better! Keep playing with the blog - it keeps things interesting!!

    Big Hugs xxoo

  12. You're absolutely right...I can think of a ton of songs to match your card up to....lovely take on the challenge...love all of your embossing. I actually thought of a song by the Beatles when I looked at your card.

  13. This IS a-dor-a-ble Agnes!
    You could give this one to a male! I find they are my toughest category for cards. Might I use this idea?

  14. You're right, this card is cute! Too darn cute. Love all the embossing and the texturizing too!

    You go girlfriend!!!

  15. Just wanted to stop in and say hi! I miss you!! I hope you had a wonderful holliday!


  16. Love the card and I love your new web design Agnes. It's so fun! :)


  17. Pretty!


  18. Like your card and especially the technique to make the crinkle ribbon! I will give that a try!

  19. I love this card and I really love that you took a winter set from MPS and thought outside the box to use it for Valentine's Day!! Such a great idea!! XOXO, Julie. :0)

  20. Beautiful card! Love aall the embossing...and the texture on the big hearts looks great!
    Helen x


Have a fun day!!!