Monday, February 14, 2011


so....i just came back from the reuma doctor and 
no lupus, no lyme disease, no reuma factors.
i still have my fibro and nerve pain and everything else but nothing was added to my conditions list, ;p
thanks again for all the well wishes.
i am clear to go back to the gym so at least i can keep my muscles and joints moving--since i haven't been successful in loosing any weight--:(


congrats to kristyscraps!!!
you have won my pack of Action Wobbles!!!
I will contact you and you have three days to contact me or sadly but true---i will have to pick another one.
you email me to
flowerdiscosscraphut at gmail dot com


  1. Yay! So glad those tests came back negative - gotta love that! Congrats to Kristyscraps!

  2. Glad to hear your good news! Enjoy Valentine's Day!! :-)

    ~Sharon C.

  3. YIPPEE!!! What wonderful news!!!

    Sweetie, you've made my day brighter and better with that bit of news. Thanks so much for sharing it!!!


  4. That's such awesome news!! congrats! :) And, congrats to Kristyscraps on the Action Wobbles--I'm addicted to mine!! :)


  5. Could you go to the gym for me too?? Seriously, congrats on the good news :)

  6. I'm so glad your test came out good!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!
    TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  7. Great news..glad everything thing came out okay :) Congrats kristyscraps!!

  8. Thanks for the excited to have won! But, even more excited about your great news from the doc! I struggle with asthma, which is very different than your struggles, but I understand the great feeling (and the impending dread) getting the go-ahead to exercise again! :) Good luck--take it slow!

  9. Agnes, wonderful news about your health. Big sigh. Praising God. You can Happy Dance. Connective tissue disorders are so puzzling. Is your doc "en" exercise?
    Best to you.

  10. Fantastic news Agnes - Praise God. Hugs my friend!

  11. glad you failed those tests....LOL good news! congrats and enjoy your prize!

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Have a fun day!!!