Thursday, March 10, 2011


you guys who have been following me for a bit know how bad i am posting these awards. i am so very sorry but i do procrastinate a lot--on everything.
it is not i am an ungrateful blogger/person. 
please, accept my apologies again.

i first received this award from Gisella's
on feb 13
and on march 4 from Sue Ann

if you want some great inspiration, stop by their blogs. you won't regret it.

again, thanks to Giselle and Sue Ann for making me blush one more time when awarding me with this cool award.
if i missed any other award, please, just send me a reminder and again... my sincere apologies.

love you all!

tomorrow night at 9PM est i will be participating in robyn's--my pink stamper- design team blog hop
i hope you can make it.
i chose the "no comments" option for this post, it is not necessary.
you can still check mark on the gadget below, ;p
just making your life easier, lol