Thursday, April 14, 2011


 hello my dear friends

i have been on a new mission that is going to take me a while. i know i have been busy lately---so much i have been beside myself--;p
but...thinking i will have plenty of free time when my son is gone for college and  i feel the need to address some issues.

my mission is to become a follower of my followers. 
i was doing that in the beginning of my blogging but since blogging requires a lot of time, and i am always in pain too, i had to put that to the side and concentrate in the design teams i was on.  
NOW that i am foreseeing some free time in my future, i believe is the right time for it.  i will be getting to your blogs very slowly but i promise, i will get there.

tonight we are going to an award ceremony dinner in honor of my son and i had some issues with it because we have to pay for our meals, and that never happened before, lol. well, my son was calling me a
last night, hehe...
i tell you, that i just have to complain about everything. the older i get the more i complain--hehe. i wasn't like that when younger, lol. i could care less....but i promised my son not to mention a thing about it tonight. i promised to behave--wink-wink ;p.... and i will.
so anyway...i started making this card today with the
"spring holiday cards" seasonal cart that i used to make the box for the pink-a-licious hop. i really like this cart.  it is very easy to work with and you just have to elaborate if you want and if not, they projects still look nice no matter what. but, it was not coming out they way i planned it and started B***** and complaining. hehe which reminded me of what i was called last night....

Drama Queen
5.5" tall
in the beginning i was shooting to use it for a "cupcake queen" sentiment i have from mps latest releases. i even used the "hide contour" on my gypsy to hide the phrase "queen of my heart" that this image has. hehe but the cutout heart was bothering me, and the glitter was not sticking well, grrr and then the "drama queen" came out again and right there and then i decided to change the whole perspective and this is what i got--lol.

the pretty ribbon i found in my stash and i believe is from debbie mumm and it was fraying on the ends so i took my lighter i still keep from when i used to smoke :( and heated up the edges and no more fraying. i learned this trick from momo.
did i say already the stamp is from robyn's clear stamps and this set is called "pink-a-licious" yes...just like our monthly blog hops--cool :) and you can find it here if you wish. 

and here is something nifty--;p. i did this before with another project. this backing stand is from "happy hauntings" and it is so very handy. sorry about the glitter you see on the back...i told you i was having problems with it. :(

this is another view of the stand.

the patterned papers i bought at j's on clearance like for 97 cents and they are from heidi grace. another yummy deal!
they are 24 double sided---8x8-- beautiful cardstock and it cuts so smooth on 4.

and look at this envelope is to die for. love it. i used some "my mind's eye" paper i have like forever in my stash. the color and patterned worked perfect, imho.

well, this is for now! i hope you enjoyed my project for today.

thanks for stopping by and thanks for the love and support.
love you all!


  1. Love the envelope edge.
    You aren't a drama queen you are just venting. LOL.

  2. Great story to go with your card, thanks for sharing!! Thanks for the ribbon tip, I will be trying that for sure! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! :)

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, leaving such a nice comment and becoming a follower :)


  4. Hi Agnes!
    Your card is great! DRAMA QUEEN?!?! Sounds kinda like how I've lived my whole life! But now-a-days they have a NAME for everything! Guess it's better than the names I used to be called--brat, spoiled, never happy...and those are the nice ones! I had forgotten about all that from years ago & just thought I was old & cranky now. I like Drama Queen, much better!
    A big congrats to YOU & your son & enjoy tonight--b/c he wouldn't be there without you! & remember you can be whatever you want, 'cause YOU'RE THE MOM!
    God Bless & Hugs from R.I.,

  5. Thank you so much for leaving me a lovely comment on my blog and becoming a follower. It means a lot to me! I try to visit my followers blogs and leave comments as often as possible. Sometimes it is a toss-up (time-wise) between "do I comment" or "do I make a card?" Lately I have been trying very hard to visit my followers too and leave comments.

    I have recently started following MPS. I have one set of Robyn's stamps, but I'm sure I will amass more :)

    I am now your newest follower…hello new friend!

  6. Hello sweet friend. I just love you and always enjoy coming over here. First of all I LOVE your card. Did you wind up using the spring cards cart? I think we all understand about how busy we get. I was the most faithful commenter but have found it harder and harder to keep up with. We both share the pain thing in common so I totally understand. I hope you enjoy the dinner tonight. Hugs, Stephanie

  7. Sister-girl, what a beautiful card! Of course!!!

    Sorry I'm a bit late getting here, but I've been so caught up in family matters I'm just glad I made it this soon!!!

    I'll have to come back later and really look at and read on your project -- right now, I've got to run. Just wanted to drop in and to let you know I've not forgotten you, my dear friend!

  8. Thank you for the lovely comment about fibro on my blog. Congrats on being a pink stamper designer. I am so happy to have 20 followers in 1 week! What advice can you give to me to get more followers and get on a design team? How do I get onto blog hops? I'm new at blogging, but trying best to get good. I'm getting video camera eventually.

  9. Your son must have talked to my son is always telling me to stop and take a deep breath--it will be fine! Love that crown--I'll wear it with you :)

  10. Too funny Agnes! I love the Drama Queen card, great colors and paper! And it's ok to complain some. Life gets a bit nuts and we have to spout, LOL! Hugs, J:)

  11. Beautiful job!I love the color, Drama Queen! That is CUTE! :)

  12. Love the card. Great colors. I love the sparkle. Have a great weekend. huts to you. smile.


  13. I love your story. It's so familiar. Just today my DH (which is 11 yrs younger than me) told me I shouldn't let things bother a dirty house, laundry, outside chores with a HUGE yard(over 2 acres, partly wooded) to get ready for the summer, etc. It's only me, my dh & four cats that live here. I totally get where you are coming from. Thanks so much to know I am not alone.

  14. I think my daughter just deleted my first comment...It went something along the lines of we can all be a little bit of a drama queen at times but I always say it is ok as long as we are doing it with good intension..hehe! I dread the day my kiddos leave for college. Heck, I'm dreading my oldest starting kindergarten this fall! I'll be here cheering you on when he goes! You are such an inspiration trying to visit everyone! I'm a newbie and I have a hard time getting around! There just are not enough hours in the day! I love that when you are following someone, you actually follow them and stop by to see what they are up to. I have realized in my short time that there are so many out there that are following for the wrong reasons or maybe that is just the way it is. I'm always so far behind on everything! Maybe it is because I like to chat too much in my comments..hehe! I'll stop talking your ear off for tonight! I just love seeing your projects! I hope the award dinner went ok(with no drama..wink)!


Have a fun day!!!