Wednesday, April 27, 2011


hello to all

yesterday i was able to resume yard work again. i had these leaves from last year in corners of the yard and fence that needed to be picked up, so i worked on that. our yard is a pretty nice size and it does takes a while for me to keep up with it, especially with my conditions. i told my husband we should cement most of the back yard, what do you think, hehe. any other suggestions instead having grass and having to deal with weeds and bare spots? lol.

anyway, yesterday rained again so i do not want to go outside and get all muddy, :P so i am going to pick up the senior pictures and then run some errands instead. but, i made this sign the other day, thinking about mother day's and un-expected guests, ;p and i wanted to share it with you.

7" by 3.5"

i hope you have a great day and 
love you all!

thanks for stopping by my humble blog.


  1. Friend, if I had a nickel for every time I've begged to have my yard asphalted or done over into one gigantic concrete slab... I'd be on a cruise every day. :) Its on my list of wants. Ha ha ha. Super cute sign, glad your feeling better!

  2. One of my friends was so tired of trying to keep up with her yard that they compromised on monstly rock, stepping stones, decorative grass and some flowers!

  3. Lol! Girl!
    I love to work in my yard but so far this season with so much rain I have'nt been able too get out and my sister will be getting married in my backyard in a month lol! I love this sweet creation and the mix of colors :)


  4. Love your Card. You are so talented. I love your Blog..

    Oh Agnes, Yard work...ahhh! We have 2 acres with wooded back yard. Like you, our yard is huge. We do have a lawn service that cuts the grass & sprays for weeds. That is worth its weight in gold.
    We have been lucky so far...a few neighbors had 50-75 ft Trees fall in their front yard. No real damage. (I live in the Ohio Valley, Louisville, KY area-home of the KY Derby)...woohoo.
    Thanks for stopping by (& sorry so winded)visit again soon.

  5. pretty sign on the yard cement and paint it green problem solved. ha

  6. Hi Agnes! I love your beautiful sign. XOXO, Julie. :0)

  7. Agnes, just dropping in to say "hi". Even tho I haven't been doing much blogging, you're still in my thoughts! :-)

  8. I love your sign! It is so cheerful! I'm feeling you on the yard! I dread spring clean-up and going around picking up the pieces of our fence! Every spring I complain but then my friend in Las Vegas tells me the horror stories of how they have to buy their grass and put in sprinklers and all the other crazy things because their other option is dirty, dusty, sandy dirt in their yard. Could you imagine that mess!!! That is when I remember how fortunate I am to live in green PA!! I hope you are having a good week and that you have made it through your initial spring clean-up ok! If you do fill in the yard cement, maybe you can sell your grass to the people in dryer climates..hehe!! Have a great week!

  9. Agnes, First of all your LOVE with! But I LOVE everything you do! Second... you cracked me up about the concrete backyard! Totally understand! We have about 2 1/2 hours on a JD! I am from Pgh and wea re in this RIAN together! Oh when are we going to see SUN! Anyway... as always just LOVE everything you create!
    Oh and we aren't going anywhere.. you will NEVER be forgotten!


Have a fun day!!!