Wednesday, April 6, 2011


i had to take food over the musical rehearsal last night and decided to stay for a while to watch them practice and oh my lord...this show is coming out AWESOME!. no bragging here but my son is so so so talented he is really a natural, and doing a super great job with Lil Abner...and his voice...oh my oh my. they will get a dvd and when my son gets his, i will upload a bit of it so you see i am not exaggerating :)
we are busting with pride here..hehe
thanks for the good vibes!!!!

anyhow...i had time to make a card.
Love is Spoken Here

 using my gypsy and cindy loo image# 25, i welded the two scalloped circles together. i then cut four more scallops in different sizes. one was cut for the inside and the rest you can see on the front.

the family silhouette you can find it on going places image#3.
the sentiment "love is spoken here" from dear my pink stamper clear stamp set is more faithful sayings and you can find the whole set here. 
as you can see,  i messed up while stamping, tried to fix it and while it might not look too good on the pics it does look better in person. ;p or so i think, lol
 have a great wednesday
and remember the blog hop on friday night starting 8PM central and 9PM eastern time (where I am)

love you all!


  1. Pretty card!! love the pattern paper you used on the family..the colors are great :)

  2. Wow, Agnes!! Cool card. I can't wait to hear your son.

  3. Too sweet- actually gave me chills it is so lovely
    I'm nearing 300 followers I'm having another giveaway, you might be interested.

  4. I LOVE this card! What a sweet idea for a card :)

  5. Love the card, love the image, love the sentiment!!!

    I don't blame you for bragging on your son and I believe every word you've said! Haven't seen or heard him but I just know I wouldn't be at all surprised by his talent -- I think I expect it!

    Love you, hon!!!

  6. Here is wishing you luck and also hoping you find what I found the other day

    Wow! isn't it great when they remodel stores?

  7. Great card...LOVE, LOVE the sentiment! So glad your son is doing well....I just received an invite to see my niece (a junior in HS) in The King and I. :-) TFS!

    ~Sharon C.

  8. Brag away my dear! Can't wait to hear him. Wonderful card!

  9. This card is so darn sweet too! I love to read the pride you have with your son!


Have a fun day!!!