Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hello my friends!
this absenteeism has become a norm--lol. it is like being on vacations--hehe 

i hope all of you are doing well and no disasters have been around you. yesterday we had thunderstorms and a tornado watch :(

remember LIL ABNER????? i do not remember if i mentioned the freddy awards but they are like the tony awards in my area. if you click on the names it will take you to wikipedia. But, all i want to tell you is our school won "the best overall production of a musical" with LIL ABNER. we got nominated for 7 different awards and after 3 plus hours of not winning any of them....yay!!!! we won the last and most important of them know my son was LIL ABNER, right? i am so excited for them. here is the link.
these kids work so hard and are so very talented. you do not feel you are watching high school kids but professionals, and i am referring to all of them, not just our school. we the parents were so loud when we won...hehe. watch some of the videos and you will see i am not exaggerating. :P :P :P

well, onto my card.

Happy Father's Day
5" x 4"
did blogger changed the font setting---????? i have to keep changing it and it is frustrating---  i do like AR BONNIE for my watermark but i do not like it for my blog :( ---oh well!

well, i used one of my pink stampers clear stamps for the sentiment. it is called "Happiest Moments" and i used the "Happy Father's Day" one.

i chose "a child's year"  for the image. you can find it on page #43, using the shift key. i cut it at 3 inches tall. a bit of embellishments and voila. hope you like it and if you are pressed for time, this card is so very easy to make.


NOTES: things are slowing down here at home for now. but still so much to do. i am enjoying working on the yard but not the pain that comes with it/after it :(. last night i had so much pain and when i finally fell asleep i dreamed of my doctors giving me more pain killers so i could sleep---imagine that!!!

well, not boring you with my dilemmas.


i love you all  
and can't wait to be here on blogging land again.

AND, i have been reading all your comments and i have been feeling all your love too. THANKS SO-SO-SO MUCH---



  1. Such an exciting win for your son & his classmates! Wonderful card.

  2. Congrats to your son. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL did you get the so. lol. Have been missing you on our blog. I have to get back to mine. been real busy with the 3 and 6 year old. Not really doing any crafting. boohoo.Hope your start of summer and the end of the school year is great. I cant wait till my oldest gets out of school on the 7th.

    Love you card. the colors are great and love the papers.

    Hugs to you.

    keep up the great work.


  3. Hey My Creative Chickie!!!

    I 'm super excited for youand your son what a fabulus outcome, missing you bt so understand the family must come first friend. This is a wonderful creation love the print see you soon :)


  4. I'd been absent too -- internet problems this time!!! LOL!

    Of course, I love your Father's Day card! As always, another beauty!

    Hugs, sweetie!

  5. I haven't been around much either. Probably won't be around much here with in the next two weeks, going out of a town the 12th. I better get to making father's day cards :) Congrats to your Son!! Great Father's day card! Talk to you soon. Big Hugs


  6. Congrats to your son...again! What a FUN FUN card :) I know what you mean about missing, me too. You keep dreaming Agnes :)

  7. ADORABLE Father's Day card!!! Love the beach scene of course, lol! And congrats on the award!!! I bet the kids were thrilled! Hope to see you on here again soon, hugs, J:)

  8. Love ur card, great job! Congrats to the kids (and the parents too!). Thank you for ur sweet comment on my blog post! Smooches!

  9. Just stopped by to say a huge THANK YOU!! I know our cards will be a blessing to this family and their little girl. May God Bless you!-Raquel @

  10. Great card....I really must use this cart more! Congratulations to your son too.
    Take Care - Tracey

  11. great card. hope you are ok. miss seeing your work. missed you on friday. I so have to craft again to. it has been over a month since i posted anything. I am taking a online class by stacy julian. finding photo freedom. so far i have 12000 photos on my computer to go through. hope you are feeling good. hugs to you


  12. Agnes, congrats to your son and you. See what a wonderful job you've done raising him. I watched the video a while back and loved it. Lil' Abner is a fun story and your son was magnificent in it.
    Oh! by the way I love your card, very creative.

  13. Forgot to mention...yard work. I finally gave up when it got so hot. We decided to hire a company to come and pull out bushes & weeding, etc. Weeding is a nightmare.
    Good luck with your yard. You are right it is painful in so many Take care.

  14. what an adorable card!

  15. love your fathers day cards. yes have missed you, but understandable why. family is always before anything. I wish I could take your pain away but I will pray at least you get a little relieve. cant wait till you get back into showing your talent off. hugs friend

  16. Hi Agnes! I love this Father's Day Card that you made!!! Really super cute! XOXO Julie. :0)

  17. A huge congrats to your son! es, I do remember your Lil Abner post. How proud you must be. Love your mushrooms. So bright and cheery. Are they magic? LOL xxD

  18. tracking back, I seem to have gotten the posts somewhat mixed up, LOL. I adore this card! Love the mushrooms too, of course. xxD


Have a fun day!!!