Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i receive updates from the "scrapbook update" website, who the owner is a very nice lady called nancy nally. this morning i received this one where she is talking about a new place called:

(clicking on the name will take you to its site)

and, this is the link to "scrapbook update" where you can read what miss nancy nally knows about this fabulous new online community.

i just needed to share it with you guys.

i think it will be lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!


here is a card i made the other day to "escape" from all the turmoil around me.

hope you like it. 
the sentiment is from My Pink Stamper, of course--- :P 
patterned papers are from "my mind's eye"


Daily Life: 
UPDATE ON LULU---lulu still SLOWLY improving. she needs to be calm and when she gets excited she still coughs like having an asthma attack :( i know that cough very well since my son suffered from asthma when younger. we still waiting for the results of the "trachea wash" and other tests they did on her. i will keep you updated and THANKS SO VERY MUCH for your get well wishes and prayers for LULU. you touch our hearts and we appreciate it.
Miss RHONDA, we couldn't believe you take insulin 5 times a day. we will be praying for you too. 
hugs and love to all!


  1. thank you Its just a thing I have come to deal with. I hope your lulu gets a little relief. Sometimes life throws us so many things at once. I wish you and your family happy wishes and strength. luv ya friend and hugs

  2. This card is amazingly lovely. So well-balanced. Can I have it?!

  3. Beautiful card! Continuing prayers for LuLu.

    Hugs, Sheena

  4. You're card is beautiful, sweetie.

    Thanks for the update on Lulu, I am sending up many prayers she'll recover soon. I'm also praying your hubby is taking his situation under control too!

    Please continue to keep us updated!

    Love you!

  5. Glad to hear that LuLu is improving. I know what you mean, sometimes I think my craft table is my "life raft". Lovely card :)

  6. Hello My Friend!

    Glad to see that you found time to yourself and creating to renew, happy to hear that Lulu is starting to do better will continue to pray for you both.

  7. So good to hear Lulu is better. Love this card and glad you took some time for yourself. Continued prayers. Take care.

  8. Yikes, hon! Looks like I've missed a bunch! So sorry to hear about Lulu and your DH. Hope both improve soon. Sounds like you've had tons on your plate. Hang in there, Sweetie! Beautiful card! xxD


Have a fun day!!!