Sunday, July 24, 2011


 today is the last day of this fun
Christmas in July Event 
that my sweet and very talented friends hosted
i loved everyday of it. it was not one project that did not catch my attention on one detail or the other.
my husband and son are always complaining i take too long looking at things: when we go shopping i like to admire details and while they are done looking at the whole store they say i "still on the same aisle"--hehe
i admire beauty, what can i say? i enjoy it and try to live my life the same way. despite the daily struggle, you always find "something" you can hang on to it and no matter what that "something" keeps you going until the next day and so on---

here is my project for today,
--my first ever--
Advent Calendar
 i had many ideas and sketches on my gypsy but for lack of time i had to resource to pre-made embellishments.
 nonetheless, i think it turned out very nice ;p

you have no idea how much i sweat trying to get this project on time. sweet gisella changed my uploading  time to give me extra minutes...thanks so much for such a nice gesture, gisella.
 after trying a small box to put the pouches in, and a grape vine wreath too---i ended up hanging them on this ficus tree i have in my dining room. i used the removable glue dots for the job after trying mini clothespins. ;p

you can click on the pics for a bigger view if you want.

and this one collage is from some of the "more embellished" pouches.
 i also thought of hanging them with regular clothespins on this wire i have on the closet doors in my craft-room, but the doors are blue and i had no time to move or hang another wire, but it is another thought for you and me.

hope you enjoy it and inspire to make it your own. just make sure you have plenty of time so you do not have to sweat the Christmas in July heat wave...hehe-- just a stupid joke, lol.


Cricut Cartridges
---From my Kitchen: folders (green, red and yellow)
---Doodletype: white mats

holiday embellishments

2 way glue

Glue Dots:
removable (to attach on tree)

Ink it Up-Nicole
Additional supplies:
from my craftroom
when i used the "from my kitchen" cricut cartridge, i had in mind making regular file folders with their tabs. you see regular pouches because i cut the tab from them and rounded the corners with my round it all tool. 
oh my!!!--totally different of what i had in mind, BUT---that is how most of the times my creative side works. :)


my son just came back yesterday from their senior trip to ocean city maryland. they had a blast! we went out to eat to celebrate he was back home and that is another reason i was out of time. but, i couldn't pass the "eating out" offer since it was too hot to cook. ;p


Love you All


  1. Wow!! You have been really first I thought you made all your Christmas cards for this year already hehe..I think I need to start on mine :) Great Project!!..The heat..I've been watching QVC Christmas in July just to get my mind off it..haha..yesterday at walmart I seen a lady wearing a thick hoodie an sweat pants and tennis shoes and heat index was 105..what is wrong with Have a Great week!

    Hugs, Sheena

  2. Super cute idea :) I love your advent calendar!

  3. This looks great! I'd never have thought to use the envelopes on FMK, that was a good idea!!! And they look good hanging on your little tree like that!

  4. Great job love it!!!!

  5. Love the little pouches! So cute! Looking forward to working with you on the MPS Design Team! :)

  6. I love your advent calendar idea, very pretty,
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  7. Hi Agnes ~ Just wanted to stay hi and say how happy I am to be working with you again as a Pink Designer! You are truly so talented! HUGS!

  8. Wow, that was a lot of work, but well worth the end result! Terrific calendar :)

  9. Fabulous and creative idea:) TFS

  10. Agnes, this is a wonderful way to do an advent calendar. At e appropriate time, you can hang them on a Cmas tree--tying the Christian and secular together (for many a well-taught lesson). Will you write scripture on each?


Have a fun day!!!