Thursday, October 6, 2011


hello my friends
i thought i was going to have plenty of time to be around and craft more but sadly it hasn't being the case.
i do not always feel good and when i do i have been trying to play catch up with the house, garden and life.
it is always something with me, but hey, i am alive!

after doing some errands today and taking Lulu for a well needed walk i started making a card. just a simple card because if i get too picky i wasn't going to finish it today, lol.

Big Hugs
4.25" x 5.5"
the background papers were scraps i have been organizing again, lol. 
did i mention i re-organized my room again? is a never ending chore. wink-wink

i made the card front but i was not sure about what i wanted to use to embellish it.

while looking out the window i saw our with hazel tree we just planted last week and thinking i can't wait until i see the flowers next year. it then hit me, lol. since i have the fringe scissors from martha, i decided my embellishment was going to be a witch hazel flower---flowerdisco's style that is, hehe. the strips were going to be thin and messy---just like the witch hazel one. i glue the strips one by one on top of a small round scallop. i trimmed off some ends, inked them -of course, and attached that beautiful chipboard circle i had for a while and had forgotten to open the box. the colors matched so well to the already made card front. don;t you love it? i do---i love it a lot
photo courtesy of

a my pink stamper "Big Hugs" stamp, and voila...what a pretty card in about 30 minutes.
(not counting the deck sweeping-lol)


and i hopefully i finish my son's room this coming week and have it ready for when he comes for thanksgiving break. 
i still have some plants to plant before the ground freezes and Lulu needs a bath. that is at least half a day fluffing and fluffing---the never stopping shedding of pugs, lol.
well, love you all!
and even i haven't been around much i have seen a lot of you are doing great and have been doing very well with your blogs. i am so happy for you all.
---Big Hugs---


  1. Love it. I am going to lift this. love the flower. so my taste. Thanks for sharing. you do such a great job. I have to get back to my blog. I've done tones of projects just have not had time to post. ugh. hugs to you.


  2. Agnes your tree inspired embellie is incredible!! Great card, and I hope you get to feeling better---take care of yourself!!!

  3. Love Love Love this! You are so creative! This is super cool. Great photos. Your so inspiring.

  4. NOT TOO PICKY?!!! LOL!!! Sister-friend, your card is beautiful. And I vitto loving the flower!!!

    Big hugs! Always a prayer that you feel well!

  5. Wow! I love the flower and I love where you got the idea from. So Pretty!

    Hugs Dear Friend!!

  6. Great card! Just love your inspiration photo!

  7. What a Beautiful Card Agnes. I have those scissor and have yet to use them. That fringe flower is a great idea. Take care. Smooches... Felicia

  8. Agnes, very nice flower.... lovely story.

  9. Oh I can SOOOO Relate Sister, lol! It seems nothing Ever gets caught up and I just get worn out just thinking about it, lol! I love your flower card and as soon as I saw it on my dashboard I thought of Witch Hazel even before I read your post. But I hadn't been able to post till tonight. You know trying to get projects done and posted, I can get the projects done but Hate to do the posting part. I keep trying to get the Hubs to do it and he just laughs, says he already helps with the cooking and had no interest in learning how to use a blog, LOL! Oh well a girl can try can't she! Well I'll see you tomorrow, gotta check out my blog post for tomorrow for BBTB2. I sure had fun with this one and it actually went together pretty fast, thanks for a fun challenge. Well try and take it easy and See ya later Girlfriend!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  10. Agnes, this is just BEAUTIFUL. Your inspiration was spot on. The Flower is so pretty. Great job!
    BTW you had to mention sweeping the deck, mine is a disaster right now. We are finally having a Landscaping company come and do our entire will be such a relief to have all the overgrown bushes and landscape under control...aaahhhhhh!
    Take care and have a great week!
    Dee B

  11. Agnes, Just wanted to let you know I can't get your new Blinkie to work on my Blog. I had your old one and deleted it and have tried different days and several times with no luck. I apologize for bringing this up in a post, but I did not see an email address or contact info.
    Let me know so I can put it up again.
    Dee B


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