Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i am at home listening to the word of God on the radio since i do not go to church any longer.
then, i have miss LULU at my knees wanting MORE ATTENTION...if that is possible :D---she is scratching my leg and pushing me so i pick her up and play...oh my! and did i tell you she follows me every where and i mean every where. i move, she moves. i turn around and she is right there with me turning around too. i read somewhere pugs CRAVE human attention.  Lulu has that craving plus more cravings:  food and some expensive jerky treats. 
she is a pig PUG indeed, lol---
BUT, i love her so-so-so much.
i also have to do laundry and cleaning today, but i am going to wait on it for a bit. instead, i decided to work on this mini card from the LUNCHBOX THOUGHTS from MY PINK STAMPER NOVEMBER RELEASE. i am telling you this again and is not because i am on her design team but this release is another HUGE one. some of them have so many stamps in one set and,  practically for pennies. did i say pennies? what are pennies?, lol...well, i should say a few bucks worth every penny. and they are so super cute and for all type of occasions.
i made today this pug pig (*&*) today to share with you another sentiment of the LUNCHBOX THOUGHTS clear stamp set and it has its own mini envelope too.

Hugs & Kisses
the piggie is from paper dolls for everyday cut at 2.53" x 2.02" (according to the gypsy). the square where the pig is welded with a small tab are from dear george and basic shapes.
a few more pics of LULU, hehe...i mean the piggie from paper dolls, lol
here is part of the envelope from the wild card cut at 6.6" x 5.28" (real size dial) to fit the mini card.


(my pink stamper clear stamps november new release)

You are the Greatest Kid Ever
2.25" x 4"
i got myself the nate's abcs at joanne's for $30 a while ago but did not have time to use it until today. this is where the goat  came from cut at a tiny 1.46" high and all its layers. too cute!

a few more pictures below
the sentiment you already know is from the LUNCHBOX THOUGHTS set but the stars are from another of my pink stamper collection of stamps called SCHOOL DAYS.
you can find both HERE and the rest of her fabulous collection of stamps and also where to buy them.

hope i am getting your ideas running.
holidays are coming and you need to start adding them to your wish list, lol

more to come as time permits but in the meantime, keep checking
because you never know what she has up her sleeve---wink-wink.

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  1. Both these cards are super I especially like the pink one I just think pigs are cute .


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