Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MY MEMORIES....playing with digital

some of you might have noticed my side bar with an ad for a digital software program.
i was contacted and asked to try the program (this was last year and now is when i have time ---shame on me)--- they even provided me with an extra software to give away. AND, you can have your own blinkie too and offer.


this company is called 

and i have been playing with it for a couple of days.
i am very impressed with the "easiness" of this program. i was a bit apprehensive at first since i do not do digital and i am not computer savvy and my son is away...hehe... he was the one who helped me with these issues. :b

if you go to their website they even have a "free trial" where you can see if is something you would like to acquire and then, you can even get a discount when you click on their blinkie on my side bar. 
 I recommended this software for all of us who save our photos for "another day", waiting for that "perfect time" to paper scrapbook, lol.
This is going to help me/us tremendously in that problematic area where people like me/us are known for, hehe.

and, -----while waiting for that perfect day, we can share and store our photos, looking mighty good in a digital album. we can even get ideas for when we do have the time for paper. wink! and that is not all,  you also can make cards and much more.

 i do not want to tell you everything this program comes with at once, because there is so much, you have to see it for yourself. ---so go ahead and click on their link and try it for yourself.

----i do have to tell you my laptop is very sick with a HUGE black and blue on the hard drive since i dropped an iris case heavy with scrap papers on top of it. i had all my photos there and until my son gets home on march, i have not many photos of us to share. i did take one of miss lulu to practice with---.

Spoiled Rotten
this is an already made template and everything was just too easy to do.
all i did was changed the text orientation, add miss lulu's photo and add the frame.

i wanted to start showing you something easy...for your benefit and mine, lol.

sooooo, what are you waiting for?????--hehe
 go ahead, do not be afraid (like me) and click HERE to start playing and falling in love with how easy this program really is.

this is the first digital software i play with so i am not familiar with any other but this and is suiting my needs so well.

I do want to give you a tip: when you are adding elements to a page or card, keep in mind that whatever you add first will show first and the second/third/fourth, will go in that order---on top of the previous element. if you need to make changes to any of it, you will have it you to delete and add again. i know it does not sound very clear at this time but when you get there, you will understand.  i am not a good teacher as you might know and i am thinking i might even make some videos for you to see----that is if time/life--- permits and when it does allows it...lol.

take care and let me know if you went to visit My Memories website.

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  1. Great layout Agnes, I love how you put her pic in the heart frame!!


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