Saturday, April 7, 2012

A BIT OF GARDENING....early spring

just to share if you like flowers like me.
these ones are called wallflower and they are perennials. i just bought them and need to plant.

these are grape hyacinths

this is my two years old weeping cherry tree

these are tulips, grape hyacinths and hyacinths i planted last year with a false cypress in the background. the cypresses are slow growing but in the future i will need to move them.

bleeding hearts i inherited with the house

some of my already spent daffodils.

we are planning a bigger garden in the backyard. i always saw myself growing old and caring for my flowers and veggie garden. i hope i live long enough to enjoy it.

-new life, new beginnings-


  1. You have a beautiful yard! You are lucky to live where you can have those wonderful signs of Spring!

  2. Your flowers look so pretty Have a happy Easter.
    DIANA L.

  3. Beautiful flowers dear friend! I just love flowers. I can't wait til the day me an hubby have our own place so I can grow a bunch of flowers and have a yummy veggie garden :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  4. Your flowers are so pretty! My flowers do not last through an Arizona summer!

  5. Agnes, your yard and flowers are as beautiful as you are. The colors of the Hyacinths are amazing as all the flowers and trees. I bought some annuals, but we've had a cold spell. The rule around here is do not plant anything until after the Kentucky Derby, which is the first Sat in May. Then we're good to go, no more frosts.
    You are going to enjoy your yard for many years to come.
    Happy Easter!
    Dee B
    Hope all is well with you.

  6. Oh Agnes, they are all a welcome site. So beautiful. I love spring. It has come early in MN as well. I was really surprised to see bleeding hearts all a bloom already!! Enjoy the eye candy and aroma-therapy!!


Have a fun day!!!