Sunday, April 22, 2012

GARDENING....for the "wanna" be gardener (like me)

i hurt my lower back on the 11th so i coulnd't do much yard work.
 it was really bad and the dr gave me some nice pain killers. even i still have pain i was able to do some fiddling around my yard.

i had started some seeds indoors. they are doing nice, :-)
i will post when they bloom.
(trying to keep a garden journal here too)

and my tulips still going.
 look at them. this pic was taken today sunday.

and the witch hazel tree i showed you before, is leafing already.

look at my ferns.

and i do not know the name of this bush but it is really pretty and is an evergreen too.
i have two of those but the other one is re-birthing, hehe


well, wednesday is PDDU time if you want to stop by.

thanks again for stopping by the hut.


  1. I love flowers. It just had a freeze here so glad I did not plant anything yet. Have a great day.


Have a fun day!!!