Monday, May 7, 2012


i know i haven't been too productive in the crafty world lately :P
it is one of those things where you kind of need a break i guess.

in the meantime i have been planning my little garden and doing some things around the house. i also won some giveaways and i wanted to thank the people for it. 
you know i already talked about shantaie---one of cricut designers. i won a nice little package from her and this is her blog, in case you want to see her awesome work.
and this is the nice little package i won.

i tried to participate in some challenges before and failed, lol, and now i wanted to try it again and  i  participated in the cuttlebug spot one week and won a nice cricut cover for my expression. :P

how cute and well sewn it is!
 i do not use it for my everyday expression but i put it on my cricut cake i got for pennies at cricut dot com, lol. this fab cover was made by one of my ex-teammates at the cuttlebug spot while i designed with them. her name is lillie and i belive she sells them.
this is her blog:

and, i won this beautiful die at sizzix dot com.
you know i love my sizzix too. actually, my first die cutter was a sizzix.

then, around the house, we started a little decorative fence on the front yard.

so you see why i haven't been around much, it is that time of the year where we open our windows, work in our houses and yards before the lazy summer heat comes and keep us indoors again in the comfort of the air conditioning, hehe.

well, this is it until wednesday where we return with another episode of paper dolls dress up.

see you then and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow! I would love to have those goodies...great haul. Your yard looks fantastic, love the fence. I bought flowers for my pots, then it got cold again, they sat in the garage and well...I have to go get new ones. We are having a little baby Snake issue right now, which keeps me in the house. He shows up when my dh opens his side of the garage up close to the door (well twice now) that's enough to keep me in. We are having Landscapers come...they're not afraid of think.
    Take care Agnes my friend
    Dee B

  2. Wow!! Awesome prizes :)..Love the yard..the fence looks great. I love the flowers, so pretty!

    Hugs, Sheena


Have a fun day!!!