Wednesday, June 6, 2012


i was really stumped with this assigned page. i wanted to make the super girl but i had made many dolls already and i wanted something different.
here is what i ended up making, :-)
(i will give you a glittery sneak peek first---hehe)

Have a Super Birthday!
3.5" round card
---nice fresh and clean colors---

i looked in my stash of "cuts for another day"
(i keep changing the name because i forget what i called it before, lol)
and found this cut from my world (overlay image #14 using shift) and used it as my base.
i then cut a white circle for the background.
the small stars are from a paper punch and the big yellow one is from pddu pg #50.
the lightning bolt is also from pddu pg #51.
the small circles across the space ship were made with the crop-a-dile :P

and the inside has a stamped sentiment from my pink stamper boy crazy stamp set:
"Have a Super Birthday".
something different from my usual. i like it. :P

let's see what my teammates made for this week with their assigned page.

 makes me think of dear potter

 and someone had fun at a magic show, cool!

 and another futuristic project.
love this car too and the the background city makes a perfect companion, imo that is. :)

i hope you had some enjoyable time here with these cool projects from the pddu
and....thanks for stopping by the hut, i really enjoy your company!

Daily Life: on monday i went for an upper gi since my gerd has been out of control, and next wednesday i will have gallbladder surgery since i spent the day after mother's day in the emergency room with excruciating pain on my upper abdomen which turned out to be gallstones :(
not feeling too well these days, just that you know.


  1. Great team projects... love your sparkly card!! Lee-Ann :)

  2. I love your shaped card and the touch of sparkle!!

    Hugs, Sheena

  3. 123~ Blast off! To a terrific and SPARKLY card. Way cool!

  4. Great card love the sentiment.
    Hugs and prayers for you.

  5. Love it. Mitchell also loves it. Thanks. This is fun.

  6. Wow! I love this series that you have going on! I had NO idea that the car and the little spaceship was part of that cartridge! I need to get that out because I could really see that a great card for Father's Day! I hope that you are feeling better. You are in my prayers sweet friend. XOXO, Julie. :0)


Have a fun day!!!