Monday, June 18, 2012


i know is a bit too late but i wanted to share the card i made in behalf of my son for his dad.
this is my very first stamped background card, so have mercy, lol.  
i truly think i did a good job but i am not liking much the stamp under "thanks dad". i should have mask it.
anyway, here it is, without any more delay :P

"Thanks Dad"
i have seen the droplets used a lot lately for a background accent and that is what i tried to incorporate here.
i use watercolor paint and a fine brush for it: just a bit of water and paint and the flick the brush onto the cardstock to get these drops. the more saturated (more water/paint) the bigger the droplets.

the stamps are a mixed of 7gypsies (images) and g-studio for the sentiment.
i used memento chalk inks and i stamped with one color first and then very lightly with the other color for the two tone look i had in mind. 
what do you think? hehe,

 this card might be the first of many since i have been trying to learn more about stamping. i have been browsing and researching blogs about it for a while now.
 let's see!        you know how life likes to give me so many surprises, lol.

this is the inside. i first stamped the red grid and then the sentiment. i did not have to mask because the black ink i used on top of the red.

this is the card and envelope and please do not ask me what happened to this photo, because all i can say is, it apparently "stitched" on me. this is a first too. i just noticed it while posting it. :(

well, there is a first time for everything, hehe

thanks for stopping by!!!
 and,    if you like stamping too maybe this post will help you a bit. 

fyi: this white cardstock is from dcwv and i love the texture it has and how the stamping looks on it. it is from an old 8x8 graduation stack i have in my stash. i do not even know if the newer ones have the same texture.


  1. Great card Agnes! I think the splatter paint really sets it off!!

  2. That is soooooo cool. Very very nice. Love it.

  3. Agnes, I think your card turned out magnificent. I'm sure your son loved giving it to his dad too.
    You're so funny.
    Hope all is well with you.

    Have a great week!
    Dee B


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