Friday, October 5, 2012

A HALLOWEEN EMBELLISHMENT...using happy hauntings

Good Day friends!
i have been trying to be more productive here for you all :D

today i am sharing what you can call an embellishment for a scrapbooking page, journal, smashbook, or a front for a card, or whatever you want to use it for.

Fright Night
5 inch tall
the base, a rectangle, was made using sweet treats but you can use any other rectangle, lol. 
i cut it at 5x3 inches, twice: one to attach the pp and the other one to make a pocket  on the back to store some small pics or journaling. i cut the patterned paper a bit smaller.

the skeleton is from happy hauntings image#2 on the overlay and you will find the bones pressing "shift lock".  i then mounted him on foam tape for that dimensional look we all like.

the banner is from  gypsy wanderings and it is so cute. i had to cut the left side to make it work on my embellishment, and the right side i had to kind of hide it behind the skeleton, for aesthetic reasons, lol.----the "fright night" orange banner is from a k&co pack of embellishments i own.

i made that GORGEOUS black flower using just because cards. i wet it, i crumbled it and inked the edges with silver pigment ink from martha stewart, then added that googly eye in the center....just fabulous!

at the bottom of the patterned paper i used a border, also from martha's: the tombstone one---
oh!!! ---i forgot to mention that the so pretty glittered spider, is from a recollection pack i have in my stash. 

 and at the end, 
i was so very pleased with my embellishment and the process of it all was very satisfactory. nevertheless, i spent a few hours finicking with it. but that is me, lol.

you take care now while i come back with another project to share.

DAILY LIFE: miss lulu got attacked by another dog while walking her around the neighborhood. she is ok and did not get any punctures but i had to hit and kick the other dog for about 2-3 minutes to let lulu loose and i couldn't. in the meantime lulu was bleeding and i did not know from where: it was from her chin when the dog pushed her down on the pavement. i was screaming for help and a woman from across the street came over to help.  finally someone from the dog's house came over and after a few seconds, he was able to get his dog off my lulu. oh men! what a day. i took lulu to the vet, like i said we could not find any bites but the doctor gave lulu some meds: an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory just in case.
it turns out the other dog goes to the same vet, is a female dog, was also rescued like my lulu. the real owner called me at night (the man was her father in law) to make sure lulu was ok and to tell me the office visit was paid for. it was a nightmare. from now on i am walking lulu with a wooden stick to hit anyone who even comes near us :)----it was ugly!

and.autumn is here and this is the view i am getting from my kitchen window right now:
the pic above is from day 1 (when i first took the pic on oct 3rd) and the one below is from day 2 (oct 4th)
see how much yellowish the leaves turned in one day?
---nature never stops to amaze me---
the tree is a locust tree.
we have another one on the other side. it has small green leaves which turn golden yellow before they fall. Next to the umbrella you see a yellow lantana. i have that plant for about 5 years now despite they are annuals where i live (zone 6b). in winter, i put it in the garage with my geraniums ( i save those too) and put it out in the spring: still in the same pot too, lol. gotta love a good performer.

this one is the golden leaves carpet on the patio,
(the leaves get blown off the patio and onto the grass and then they get mowed away and put on the flower beds ---:D)

---hope you enjoyed this post and all the beauty in it---
see you later!


  1. Wonderful embellie! I love the goggly eye :)

  2. Great embellishment Agnes I just love what you did with this.
    Have a great weekend my friend
    DIANA L.

  3. Great embellishment!! Love the pics...crazy how the leaves change so fast. I hope to visit the arboretum that is near by to see the leaves in the look out tower :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  4. Hi Friend
    Darling embellie! How fun! Creepy eye. I really like the back paper and tombstone border is fun. Great creation, hun.

    So sorry about LuLu. Is she doing ok mentally? Did you report the other dog?

    Thanks for sharing the tree. I love this time of year b/c of the trees. I heard it was not to be too colorful here (MN), bu tit has been gorgeous. Our boulevard maple tree w large leaves dropped the leaves in 2 days. The cave boys were thrilled. Most of the maples here are fantastic w color.

  5. He is scary....great little wiggle eye Agnes, and you're right, the view is terrific!!

  6. I'm so sorry about your Lulu, how scarey, glad everything is OK.

    Your skeleton is adorable and photos beautiful.

    Hugs, Lori m


Have a fun day!!!