Friday, October 19, 2012

A THANK YOU CARD...really pretty

 i do not know if you have read some saying their blog contents have been stolen and used in other blogs. the solution for some has been to change their blog format, and you will have to click on the
"read more" to continue reading the post. i do not like that and have avoided blogs where i have to click to continue. BUT, due to the circumstances i am thinking i also will have to change my blog settings. 
in the meantime, i am just going to add some kind of text to my blog posts indicating if my blog's name is not on the address bar, or whatever i think of at the moment, they should know they are in a "thief" blog. i think they call this kind of people low life, hehe --i am kidding. i call them low life but in 
the cyber world they call them 
"scrapers" instead "scrappers" ---lol
i read about here.

so what do you think about these? you can't even blog now without worrying that someone will steal your post contents. it takes precious time to make a project, take pics, edit them, write a post, label it.
you know i do not have any sponsors, that i blog for the love of the craft and to share what i make...and for someone to be so lame and steal what i do, it does not settle to good with me.
so, from now on you will see some added text, something here and/or there, to let people know it is my post, they should be on my blog and not someone else blog.
 if that annoys you, sorry. if you have an active blog, i know you will understand.
i thought to share these news with you, so you too, be aware.

now, onto my project.

Thank You
5.5" x 4.25"
awesome pretty paper this one is, right?

it is from k&co, it is an oldie and is called "sweet life".
the thank you sentiment is a sticker i adhered to a scrap of white cardstock, cut around it very meticulously, inked it and popped it on some foam dots. i then added some diamond stickles to the rose petals and voila. a super cute main element for my card.
i used the other side of the patterned paper to punch the border with the doilies ms punch and the fuzzy pink fiber is from an ek adornments pack i still have in  my stash. i also sew some stitches on the card. i really like the use of the sewing machine in my projects.

i home printed the inside- no pic, sorry---with another sentiment i found on the internet. i have forgotten how nice and professional looking a printed inside looks. :P with so many stamps out in the market, you forget you can write anything you want using a word processor and home printer---wink!

well, this is it for now.
you take care and have a great weekend and watch out for the scrapers out there stealing your hard work.

you were just at flowerdisco's scrap hut 


  1. Pretty card! I haven't heard anything about the blog scrapers. That is really sad...we spend a lot of time working on our projects.

    Hugs, Sheena

  2. Beautiful card my friend. I so like those simple recipes. And you know I am eyeing that fiber you used!

    I had not heard of blog scrapers either. What's the point?

    Have a good weekend Agnes. Enjoy the fall colors. I am!

  3. Very pretty card, thanks for the info, I've read that on a few blogs but honestly didn't fully understand. Guess, I will have to make changes on mine along the way.

    Hugs, Lori m

  4. Your card is so pretty I love the pink yarn you used.
    HUgs, Diana


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