Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A CHRISTMAS CARD...featuring a poinsettia

hello all,
it took me a while to be back here blogging and posting. the clean-up after sandy was a bit exhausting for me and still have to get to the front of the house. in the meantime the shredded leaves on that side are blowing away. 
my heart breaks every time i see the news and all the devastation sandy's fury left. i told you i was just trying to easy my mind and hoping for the best. i knew inside me she was no good. what we lost is nothing compare at all, not a micro bit, to what others did. i am not saying we lost anything but a blue spruce tree :D,  but others that lost so much and when they look back there are others who lost some more. my heart cries.
my prayers and thoughts are with them while they recover.
on the other hand, the generator worked well, hehe,
 i am not intimidated by it anymore. the only thing, being a smaller one, i had to make a few runs for gas and at the end, it was no more gas :(, but then..... the electricity came back.....that same night.
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now onto my card for today. i made this cutie a while ago and i sincerely can't find my notes. i think i shredded them along with my son's voters registration, lol. yeap! i did that. He balloted being an absentee, but still. the things i do sometimes.

here i have a beautiful poinsettia.
 i know i used dcwv patterned papers and maybe some mme and we all know the button is a ms punch.

this is such a pretty card, imho that is. :P

below is the entire card for your delight (wink-wink)
if i find that little branch, and find that i have more of the same paper, i think i will make more of the same for my christmas cards this year.

well, this is it for now. 
i hope you are safe and that you be blessed on your daily life and be happy everyday and grateful for what you have because when you look back, there is a worse scenario behind.
and as always,
thanks for stopping here at flowerdisco's scrap hut blogspot. 

take care you all!


  1. Beautiful card!! I love the button punch...cute touch. I thought I was the only one that shredded my notes after I make I hope yall stay warm with this nor'easter coming in. Let me know if yall get snow.

    Hugs, Sheena

  2. Pretty poinsetta Agnes, great dimension!

  3. Your card is just beautiful Agnes, love those colors that red is just too gorgeous. hope you have a great weekend my friend.

    DIANA L.

  4. Beautiful card Agnes. Love the paper combinations.


Have a fun day!!!