Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guess Who Made it to the New 2013 Design Team...

for the fabulous crafty shop
Pumpkin Spice 
---even the name sounds delicious, doesn't it?---

in case you do not know the pumpkin spice blog or the pumpkin spice shop i tell you right now i am very happy to be able to introduce you to both. i know when i do online shopping i rather  do it with someone who i have been referred to. somewhere where i know i will be treated nice, somewhere i can have fun with, play with challenges, hop some blogs, be with a bunch of friends. that is what you will find with us. a nice place to play, to shop, to share and more.

anyhow, i will be working next to a group of  super creative and above all, friendly ladies. i am very happy to be able to learn from them and with them while challenging myself to new ventures. i am hoping while entertaining you  i will also  be polishing my skills. 

here is the link to the Pumpkin Spice Blog and from there you can check the shop. the pumpkin spice shop deal with many, many retailers and if you do not see what you are looking for right there you can always email denine and she will do whatever she can to find it for you.

now, wish me well and as i always say: "just good vibes are welcome, the rest will be rejected", lol.

thank you again for all your comments and love and visits and the well wishes.

happy holidays from my hut to yours!

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DAILY LIFE: I can't wait for my son to come home for christmas and as i say this my heart also fills up with pain and sadness for those families whom have lost their kids, moms, dads and family in the latest catastrophe in newtown, connecticut. may god be with them and give them strength and hope they need at this time of sorrow. did you read one of the 6 years old, emily parker, was a card maker?


  1. Congratulations on your new DT.

  2. I am so happy to have you on the Team Agnes.

    Big hugs,

  3. Congrats again Dear Friend!! I am so happy you are on the DT!! I can't wait to see all the fun projects you and the other DT members come up with.

    Hugs, Sheena


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