Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A PUMPKIN SPICE BLOG PROJECT...scrapbooking using a journaling card

hello all, 
this is me Agnes
(aka flowerdisco)

thanks for allowing me to share with you a project i made using the photo freedom kit by echo park. i had mentioned earlier this year (on my blog) that my scrapbooking fun must not be put aside any longer. since i started this hobby,  the card making has consumed my life entirely. BUT, a lot has changed since then (2007)  and i am finding this scrapbooking method (project style) so easy to use i must start putting my memories together already. :P this does not mean AT ALL, i won't make more cards, means i will have more things to play with, :D

let me show you my project or "section" or  journaling card (as they call it) of what eventually be added to my scrapbooking adventures.

Oh Snap!
4" x 6"
(what is written on my face is my watermark, lol, too late now to make it more transparent).
--sorry, i did not mean to scare you off with a close up of my not so pretty face, lol, but i have to start somewhere--

for this section i used    DISCOVER     (item: PFTS4003)

i know there are lots of scrappers who have more experience than me making this type of scrapbooking (or any type of scrapbooking) but this is my style and all you need is yours (your style) to have fun with it too. it is time we start printing all the photos we have stored in our computer and make them look even prettier with some info (journaling) on the side, :)

let me show you a few more pics of my freckels, did i say freckles? wink-wink...that is what i will be later on, journaling about it.  this photo shows the so many i can't count them. i guess they come from being on the sun all day during my younger years in the island. no regrets, tough. 

i used here some of the below stickers from the same kit.

and on this one i also squeezed in...
a tag (the perfect day) from the sweet collection from my mind's eye.

here is the cover of the entire
Today's Story Kit
i have linked what i could to make it easy for you to find at the
shop pumpkin spice
(where all items have been already marked down 30% off for you delight, wink-wink)

and, my fellow crafters, this is it for today. i hope i entertained you for a bit and even put a smile on your day.

do not forget our weekly challenge: 
"Spring Animals or Insects (Use your Imagination)
who can resist sweet spring animals and insects.. even bees and caterpillars are cute, right?!" 

i have to thank you so very much for joining me here today., i appreciate your visits.

Take care now and go on and have a Beautiful Day!

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  1. So neat...I think it's a great pic!!!

  2. Oh snap. Very cool. I love it!

  3. Cute pic dear friend!! Such a fun project :)


  4. Hey it!! So very cool, great pic, look forward to seeing more:))hugxo


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