Tuesday, May 21, 2013

KEEP CALM AND...soak up the sun

i want to share with you another project i made for the cutting cafe blogspot.
all is hand cut (except what is done in yellow) since i do not own one of those machines. and... for your info i just realized i used blue and brown on a prior project for the same blog, lol.

Keep Calm and...
7" x 5.5"
This KEEP CALM AND... WORD SHAPED CARD template - cutting file is approx. 5.25 by 4 inches. It will fit inside a A2 sized envelope.
The set comes with 10 sentiments, in two different styles.
The files comes in the following formats: PDF, WPC, SVG and MTC.
The letters also come individually in the set.
These word shaped cards are also good for scrapbooking layouts.

NOTE: as you can see i was able to re-size my card within the pdf doc prior to transfer to my word doc program. 

after cutting the desired digital images, i inked all the edges for more definition. i also punched some tiny flowers, a border and the tiny flowers gold centers. i also made a bigger flower to unify my project. 

i printed the sentiment on the same yellow patterned cardstock i used for the flowers and border. i chose to cut it apart, inking each section and re arranging it in a straight sentence just for a bit of fun.  i also added more tiny gold circles to the left to complete my card.
despite the fact i have to hand cut these files and it is much more work i can really say it is a handmade card, lol.

but the truth is i feel so bad because i do not think i am doing justice to regina's work and compare myself with others who own the machine and i feel bad and sad. but i will try my best to do a good "hand cutting" job for regina and for you all.

and this is why this card makes me happy. i was able to stay calm and...
work with i have and then soak up the non existent sun (it was rainy when i made this card, lol)

thanks again for stopping by the hut,
you know i appreciate it.

you can also click here to see what my awesome and talented team mates have made for the cutting cafe.


  1. hi Agnes, first let me say this card is one of a kind and truly is HANDMADE.......you did an amazing job to say the least. I would have NEVER known it was handcut....it may be lots more work BUT THE OUTCOME IS SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL and I appreciate all that you do....hugs

  2. I think you did a Great Job on the hand cutting, I would have never known until you said that it was. It's a pretty card :)


  3. What a terrific card Agnes, love the sentiment!!

  4. Agnes, the card is so lovely. You did wonderfully. Great colors. Can't believe you cut by hand.

  5. I can't believe you hand cut this great card! It would be way too difficult for me to do that, so I am only able to use the print files for now.

  6. I'm going to take your advice and do that right now!!
    DIANA L.

  7. ps beautiful card so excited to go get some sun I forgot to say how nice your card is -- I'm off to catch some rays I need the vitamin D.
    hugs, Diana
    DIANA L.

  8. Wow ... Can't believe you hand cut your card ... What patience you must have. Great card!!

    pruttybird at comcast dot net


Have a fun day!!!