Monday, June 3, 2013


i just received my june card kit from 
and couldn't wait to use it.
it is packed with so many cute elements an the paper is to die for. 
i won't even try to mention all is there but i will show it to you in a bit with a link to the store.


I am Tired of Texting
4.25" x 5.5"
i want this card for my son who loves carrying long conversations through texting and i just had it,
hehe! or he can use it in his photo albums and write how much i complain about it. 
after a bit of texting i am like: can you call me? lmbo! he knows i am telling the honest truth.

look at the cute pinwheel! adorable! and so is the journaling card and the paper clip..oh my! stickers, stamps, banners, red it all! 

and no...i did not forget to add the black outline to the right side. i simply chose not too, lol.

now allow me to show you the yummy kit:
are you ready to drool? or drooling already?----lol
drool no more...
here it is!
can you see spot some of the elements i used?
there are so many things in here: the ones you see and the ones you don't see but are listed here.

i also want to share with you the sketch
we have a sketch to follow for the artful delight challenge but you know me. 
i have the need to change things and always in a constant evolution, *-*-----but...can you see the similarity on how i followed it, :P

and, did you know when you participate in our challenges you are eligible to win a kit of your choice? that is the prize
no excuses now to join us!
let's have fun with the cute sketch!! 
i know i did!!!

thank you so much for stopping by...i hope i made you stop worth it 

remember to share all you can!


  1. Super cute...I agree...much easier to talk than text about something wordy.

  2. Great card! I'm not much of a texter either! Great kit! Carri~Abusybee

  3. oh my what a cute card, can't wait to get my kit..

  4. This is fabulous Agnes, I love the paper clip and that sentiment is the best!!

  5. Love your card!!!! So creative! Happy to hear you love the kit and I can't wait to see what else you create. I agree on the texting. My kids do it all the time. They complain I spend too much time of the phone, but at least I hear a voice on the other end.

  6. This is great! hehe I like to text, but I don't like having long conversations. Just face time me or call :) Looks like some awesome goodies you got to play with..have fun and can't wait to see what all you make.


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  8. What a fun card!!! So bright and cheery and love the sentiment!!!!


Have a fun day!!!